Best 5 Belgian Waffle Maker & Iron To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Do you like to eat deep Belgian style waffles?

And are you searching for a Belgian waffle maker?

Then, this post might interest you because here you can read about the best Belgian waffle makers you can find on the market. Before Belgian waffle maker reviews, you can learn some information about Belgian waffle maker.


Things To Know About Belgian Waffle Maker

What Is Belgium Waffle Maker?

The Belgian waffle maker cooks Belgian or also called Belgium waffles. These waffles are thick, so the main characteristic of the Belgian waffle maker is deep grids. The Belgian waffle maker models come in different shapes, from round, squire, bowl or fun shape.

How Belgian Waffles Differs?

The Belgian waffle is a name for waffles which are thick and light, unlike regular waffles. The thickness of the Belgian waffles is a result of a deep waffle maker pocket and you can pour regular waffle batter in the grids. In some cases, there is leaven added in the recipe for thicker waffles.

Good And Bad Sides Of Belgian Waffle Maker

The advantages of the Belgian waffle maker are the quality of waffles. Because of the thickness of the waffle, the Belgian waffles don’t crumble and you can take them out easily. But Belgian waffle maker takes more cooking time than classic makers, about 5 minutes or more, and it might be a little complicated to turn the waffle during cooking.

Which Is Price Of Belgian Waffle Maker?

The price of Belgian waffle maker is, in general, about 50 dollars. Of course, you can find more expensive models, above 100 dollars and these waffle makers are usually commercial. For home usage, the models of 60, 50, 40 or fewer dollars can satisfy you.

Where Can You Find Belgian Waffle Maker?

If you want to buy a Belgian waffle maker, you can check webshops, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so on. On Amazon, for example, you can often find discount priced waffle makers, so it’s profitable to buy there. The webshops also offer you to read how people like a certain waffle maker.

Top 5 Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews

Best 4 Round Mini Belgian Waffle Maker

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Belgian Waffle Maker

Innovative Volcano Style 

This Chefman Belgian waffle maker comes in round shape. It’s about 14 inches long, but it can stand upright when you need to store it. This way it requires less space. This round Belgian waffle maker is called “volcano” because of its innovative design. The grids have a “volcano” shape, they don’t stand straight.

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Belgian Waffle Maker

Different Way Of Pouring

Unlike other waffle makers which you have to open to pour the batter, this waffle maker has an opening on the top where you can pour the batter. You can use a measuring cup that is included in the package, so this way you will know what amount of the batter to pour.

Simple To Clean 

Except for a measuring cup, you will also get a cleaning tool in the package with this Chefman Belgian perfect pour Volcano waffle maker.  This helps you to clean the deep grids easier. The plates has a non-sticking coating and you don’t have to open the plates during cooking, so the waffle batter doesn’t make a mess.

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Belgian Waffle Maker review

Two Light System

You will see the light indication button which lights in two colors, depending on the condition of the waffle maker. The red light switches on when you plug the waffle maker. It means the waffle machine is working. The blue light appears to notify you the “lava” waffles are done.

The Cooking Process

When the blue light tells you the waffle maker is warm enough, you can take the top spout out and pour the batter using a measuring cup. Then you close the spout and wait till the waffles are done. Then you can use the handle to open the waffle maker and remove waffles.


  • built-in spout for pouring the batter
  • stays neat
  • measuring cup and cleaning tool included
  • “lava” effect

Best Square Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-150 Waffle Maker

This Cuisinart Belgian waffle maker also makes four small Belgian waffles, just like the Chefman model. But the waffles of this waffle maker have squire shape instead of round.  You can open the waffle maker to pour the batter in the 1-ich deep grid pocket.

Waffles Don’t Stick

The plates of this Cuisinart 4 slice Belgian waffle maker are non-sticking. That enables you to separate cooked waffles from the cooking surface easily. The exterior of this Belgian waffle maker is made of stainless steel. You can wipe the top and the grids with a wet cloth to maintain the waffle maker.

Cuisinart WAF-150 Waffle Maker

Light Message 

The indication system of this Belgian waffle maker square is conceived of lights. There are two LEDs you should take in your eye to know when the cooking is over and when the waffle maker is preheated. Next to the red and green light, you can see the temperature settings.

Heat Levels Settings

There are 5 heat levels you can choose when making Belgian waffles. When you preheat the waffle maker, you can set the highest level and the preheating will be quick. Then you can decrease the temperature on the level which suits your preferences the most.

Cuisinart WAF-150 Waffle Maker review

Protection By Handle Lock 

This square Belgian waffle maker has the base purposed for standing upright. This allows you to store the waffle maker easily. Before you clean it up, you should lock the handle using the lock system. This way the Belgian waffle maker grids are protected from damage.


  • temperature regulator
  • 4 squire waffles
  • 1-inch waffle thickness

Best Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Like Ice Cream Cone

As the name says, this Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker has bowl shape grids that are purposed to make bowl waffles. This shaped waffles you can eat with ice cream, fruit or other sweets. The waffle maker is small to fit any size kitchen. The grids are small but deep.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Half Bowl Pouring

To make Belgian bowl waffles, you have to open the waffle maker and pour the batter in half of the bowl. The upper cover which you shut down has a protruding shape, so it will make a bowl shape. The Belgian bowl waffles are 4 inches long.

Shaking During Cleaning

The deep grids have non-sticking material, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning. If the crumbs stay on the bottom of the bowl, you can unstick it easy and then turn the waffle maker to shake the crumbs out. But take care you do this when the waffle maker is out of the power.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker review

Removing With Fork

The Presto 03500 Belgian bowl waffle maker has an indicator light to make you sure the waffles are done. But you can also open the machine using the handle and try to remove the waffles. If the waffles are easily removable, this is a sign the delicacy is ready to eat. You can take the bowl waffles out using a fork.


  • bowl shape plates
  • 4 inches long waffle
  • small size

Best Belgian Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

This Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker has turning plates. You can cook 1 big round waffle which you can separate on four pieces.  The length of the Belgian waffle maker is about 16 inches and it’s about 10 inches long. Its height is about 9 inches if the plates stand horizontal.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

90 Or 180 Degrees Flip

You can also place this Hamilton Beach flip Belgian waffle maker in a vertical position on the way you turn the plates for 90 degrees. This position helps you to store the waffle maker. When cooking, you have to turn the plates for 180 degrees. So the batter spread all across the grids and the waffles are brown on both sides equally.

“Brown” Level Choice

You can regulate how browned the waffles will be. This rotating Belgian waffle maker cooks from minimum to the 3 heat level. You can choose the level using the button on the exterior top. To find out the time the waffles are done, you have to watch the light indicator in front of the heat regulation button.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker review

Changeable Parts

The main advantage of this Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker is that it contains removable plates. You can take them out after cooking and wash them in the dishwasher. So the cleaning is the fewest problem in the waffle making. You can use a dishwasher to clean the drip tray, too. The drip tray protects your kitchen from the mess.

Handle Insulator

This Hamilton Beach removable grid Belgian waffle maker is made of stainless steel outside, except the handle. It’s made of a material which doesn’t conduct the heat, so you can touch the handle without the glove or holder. The handle is long enough for the human hand.


  • flip for 90 and 180 degrees
  • temperature levels
  • non-heat conductive handle
  • dishwasher safe plates
  • drip tray included

Best Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker

4 Round Waffles At Time

This Oster Belgian waffle maker has feet that ensure the stability of this waffle maker. The plates have a round shape and have barriers to get 4 smaller waffles. The grids are deep enough to make thick Belgian waffles. You can remove the dirt from the grids using wet and dry cloth.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker

No Harmful Materials

The specialty of this Belgian waffle maker is ceramic plates, which are durable and nonsticking. This material is healthy because there’s no PTFE and PFOA included. So the cooking is safe for your health. The ceramic also allows you to make the waffles faster.

Adjustable Heat Strength

This ceramic Belgian waffle maker has adjustable heat strength. You can set the temperature using the button. But there’s no heat level or temperature marks on the button. After you choose the heat level you want, then you have to wait for the red light to switch on.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker review

Red Light Alarm

Except for the green light, there’s the red light, too. It shows you when the Oster DuraCeramic Belgian waffle maker is under the electricity. This way it’s less possibility you forget to plug out the waffle maker. You can use a practical handle that doesn’t get warm, so it’s safe from burns.


  • ceramic grids
  • PTFE and PFOA free
  • adjustable temperature

Conclusion: Which 2 Belgian Waffle Makers To Buy?

If you love Belgian waffles, the Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker could provide you the quality waffles thanks to its rotating plates which are easily removable and washable. The second model you should buy is the Oster Belgian waffle maker. Thanks to its ceramic plates, the waffle maker cooks faster and the waffles are healthy.

If you, except for the Belgian waffles, also like thin waffles, you can check this post about the best thin waffle maker. If you want to see more models with changeable plates, you can read this post about the best waffle maker with removable plates. Or if you want to see all waffle maker models, click on this best waffle maker post.