Best 5 Rotating & Flip Waffle Makers & Irons In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in rotating waffle maker?

Then read this post to learn all that’s important to know about flip waffle iron and also find out which are the best flip waffle maker models on the market. This post might help you to decide which flip waffle maker you want to purchase.


Things To Know About Rotating Waffle Maker

What Is Rotating Waffle Maker?

The flip waffle maker is the waffle maker which has moving plates. You can turn them using the adjusted handle. The plate is rotating around for 180 degrees, so you can see both sides of the waffle without using the cutlery. The rotating waffle maker is bigger and more stable than the classic waffle maker.

The Main Function Of Rotating Waffle Maker

The main function of the flip waffle maker is also its main advantage. With the rotating option, the waffle maker distributes the batter through the grids completely, so the waffles are quality. Another good point of the rotating function is that you don’t have to turn the waffle by hand to see how much the waffle is baked on both sides.

Another Role Of Rotating Function

Excepting spreading the batter and waffles supervising, the rotating function is good for making a lot of waffles at the same time. That’s possible if the rotating waffle maker has double plates. This way you can pour the batter on the one side grid, flip and fulfill another grid.

Where To Buy Rotating Waffle Maker?

As I’ve mentioned, you can buy it on Amazon or other webshops as well as in stores or you can visit the official sites of the waffle maker brands. The webshops are the most familiar for buying because, on these websites, you can find out everything that interests you. That includes the waffle maker specifications, pictures, and the customers’ reviews. You can also check the price. Most of the models I review in this post you can buy on Amazon for less than 100 dollars.

Best 5 Flip Waffle Maker Reviews

Best Double Flip Waffle Maker

Black & Decker Double Flip Waffle Maker WMD200B

Two Big Waffles At Once

This double flip waffle maker has double cooking plates, which means that you can cook two big waffles at the same time. You can separate the waffles and get 8 small waffle pieces. You can pour the batter in the plate, close the upper plate and turn for 180 degrees. Then you can pour the batter again on another plate.

Black Decker WMD200B Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Modern No-Sticking Plates

This Black & Decker double flip waffle maker has deep plates, so it gives you thicky Belgium waffles. The waffle batter won’t stick because of modern non-sticking plate material. This material is helpful in cooking as well as in cleaning. The flip waffle maker requires cleaning with a damp cloth, but before cooking, make sure the surface is dry.

Plate For Crumbs

The Black And Decker Double Flip Waffle Maker is about 14 inches long and about 10 inches high, so you have to ensure the spot for this machine in your kitchen. It comes with the plate which you can set under the waffle maker. This way your kithen will stay clean.

Black Decker WMD200B Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker review

Easy Handle Using

You can manage with the waffle maker using simple to use handle. It’s safe because it’s not hot, so you can touch the handle at any time. When you close the plate, make sure you’d heard the click. This flip waffle maker has handle lock which guarantees the waffles are stable.

Light Indication System

The material of this flip waffle maker is metal and the color is black. The Black & Decker Flip Waffle Maker will send you a light message when the waffles are cooked. Like most of the waffle makers, this machine has a red light to notify you the waffle maker is under the power and green light which tells you the flip waffle maker is ready to cook.


  • handle lock
  • 180° turning
  • deep plates
  • red and green light

Best Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Bella 4 Slice Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel And Plastic

This Bella rotating waffle maker also comes in black color and is made of stainless steel and plastic parts, but it’s BPA free. The plates have a non-sticking coating and they’re deep. This is good if you like Belgian waffles and to prevent dough leaking.

Bella Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Removable Drip Tray

As I’ve said, this Bella rotating waffle maker has non-sticking plates, which make cleaning easier, too. You can wipe the plates with damp and dry cleaning clothes. As the Black & Decker double flip waffle maker, this rotating Belgian waffle maker also includes a drip tray. You can set it under the waffle maker during cooking and remove it after the usage.

Rotating With Handle

This Bella rotating Belgian waffle maker has a handle that is long enough to keep it and use it for rotating. You can flip it for 180 degrees. You can watch the indicator lights and this way you can keep track of the cooking process. The green light is a sign the waffles are done.

Bella Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker review

From Light To Dark Waffles 

Except for red and green light, you can regulate the cooking using the temperature controlling button on the Bella Belgian flip waffle maker. There are heat levels from light to dark you can choose depending on how much browned the waffles you like to eat.

Easy Storage

This rotating Belgian waffle maker is practical for storage because it can stand with the plates upright. So, you can store it on any place in your house when it’s not in usage. Its size is like an average waffle maker, so it doesn’t take a lot of space in your cooking place.


  • removable drip tray
  • without harmful plastic
  • temperature regulator

Best Flip Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Hamilton Beach 26030C Belgian Style Flip Waffle Maker

Turning With Handle

This Hamilton Beach flip Belgian waffle maker looks like the other flip waffle makers, which means you can turn the plates for 180 degrees to oversee the cooking process. You can use the long handle for turning. It’s made of stainless steel, so you should be satisfied with the durability of this flip waffle maker.

Hamilton Beach 26030C Belgian Style Flip Waffle Maker

Cleaning Using Dishwasher

You can use the drip tray when cooking with the Hamilton Beach Belgian style flip waffle maker. If you don’t need it, you can remove the drip tray as well as grids. You can set the drip tray and the grids in the dishwasher and there’s no care of damage. This is the main advantage of this waffle maker.

Heat Level Options

You can choose if you want this Hamilton Beach flip waffle maker will cook lighter or darker waffles. You can control it using the temperature button with the heat level from 1 to 3. Next to this button, you can see red and green lights. The green light shows you when the temperature you’ve chose is reached.

Hamilton Beach 26030C Belgian Style Flip Waffle Maker review

More Place Thanks To Flipping Mode

This flip waffle maker with removable plates is about 16 inches long, 10 inches wide and its height is about 9 inches. You can store it on the way you want because of its remoting plates. If you have a strait place for storage, you can turn the plates for 90°.


  • grids suitable for dishwasher
  • heat levels
  • removable drip tray

Best Flip Waffle Maker With Timer

Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker

Innovative Turning Design

This Presto flip waffle maker has a different design than other flip waffle makers I reviewed in this post. Its plate lays on the ground and when you want to turn it, you don’t turn the handle but move the handle on the other side. So you have to ensure enough place for it.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Adjustable Handle 

The grids of this flip waffle maker with timer are deep enough to make Belgian waffles and to prevent the batter from pouring out. You can spread the batter correctly if you catch the handle and turn it for 180 degrees in the horizontal direction. The handle is adjusted for the human hand and made for preventing injury.

Timer Replaces Lights

The main benefit of this Presto flipside Belgian waffle maker is the timer. It’s placed on the stand. When you close the plate, the timer will countdown and notify you when it’s time for the waffles to take out. The timer is a replacement for light indicators.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker review

Cleaning Hot Grids

The Presto flipside waffle maker is made of stainless steel outside and ceramic non-sticking surface inside. The material is easy to cleaning. The best time for cleaning the grids is after cooking when the plates are still hot because the crumbs are still removable. Make sure you plug out the waffle maker and use a damp cloth to wipe.

Waffle Maker Storage

This rotating waffle maker with timer takes a little of place because it can stand upright. So you can store at any angle of your kitchen or business place. Its power is 1100 watts and 120 volts. The cable is long enough for comfortable usage.


  • horizontal turning
  • practical handle
  • timer included

Best Cool & Mini Flip Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse 90th-Anniversary Double Flip Waffle Maker

6 Mickey Shaped Waffles 

Just like the first model I reviewed, Black & Decker double flip waffle maker, this Mickey flip waffle maker has dual cooking plates, too. One grid includes 3 small Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. Since it’s dual, you can make the most 6 waffles at the same time.

Mickey Double Flip Waffle Maker

Completely Mickey Design

This Disney’s character decorates the outside design of this Mickey double flip waffle maker.  You can see Mickey’s face on one plate and when you turn it, you can see Mickey’s clothes. Its design and the design of the waffles are made especially for children.

Control Panel With Temperature Regulator

You can operate with this Mickey mouse double flip waffle maker using the control panel which is placed under the handle. There is a switch on and off button and temperature regulator. You can also notice LED indicators on both sides. The light will notify you when the waffles are ready to eat.

Mickey Mouse MIC-62 Double Flip Waffle Maker

Cramps Removable Easily

You can clean this Disney double flip waffle maker with a wet cloth after the cooking. You should dry the grids after wiping with a damp cloth. You can remove the cramps easily because the waffle maker has non-sticking plates. This flip waffle maker can stand only horizontal, so you have to ensure enough place for it.


  • Mickey Mouse design
  • dual plates
  • temperature regulation button

Conclusion: Which Rotating Waffle Maker To Buy?

If you want to buy a flip waffle maker with double plates, you should take this Black & Decker double flip waffle maker. You can get 8 waffles with one cooking, so it saves you time. If one side flip waffle maker is good for you, I recommend this Hamilton beach flip Belgian waffle maker because it has removable plates and temperature regulator, so you can manage and maintain it easily.

If you like to have dual flip waffle maker, take a look at this post about double waffle maker and maybe you find the waffle maker you need. If you want to clean your waffle maker easily, this post about waffle maker with removable plates might interest you. Or if you want to know everything about the best waffle maker, you can check this post.