Top 5 Waffle Maker & Iron With Timer To Pick In 2022 Reviews

Are you too busy to stand by the waffle maker and wait for the waffles to be ready?

Then you need the waffle maker with timer and this is a post about it. You can read information about the waffle iron with timer and reviews of the best 5 models.


Information About Waffle Maker With Timer

What Is Waffle Iron With Timer?

The waffle maker or iron with timer is a waffle maker that includes a button for time regulation. You set the cooking time and when the time pass, the alarm turns on. The most waffle makers with time settings people use for commercial purposes.

Why Is Timer Useful?

As I’ve said, the waffle makers with timer are useful as commercial waffle makers. When you busy with a lot of obligations at work, you don’t have to take care of the cooking, too. The timer ensures that the waffles won’t overcook because the alarm will remind you to remove them.

What Time You Can Set?

You can decide how many minutes you want to cook the waffles. Your choice depends on the taste of the waffles you like. The more browned waffles need more time for cooking. Most of the waffle makers with timer offer a possibility to set the cooking time of the most 5 minutes because it’s the average cooking time for waffles.

Where You Can Purchase It?

Just like all waffle makers, you can find the waffle maker with timer in stores, on brands’ official website or on webshops. If you will like the models I will review in this post, you can find them on Amazon. There are both models under and above 100 dollars, so you can decide depending on your preferences.

Best 5 Waffle Maker With Timer Reviews

Best Commercial Waffle Maker With Timer

Vbenlem Commercial Waffle Maker

Up To 10 Waffles

This waffle maker is the best for commercial purposes because it can cook 10 pieces of waffles at the same time. It’s practical for big industry or for business with a lot of customers. The grids stand on the housing with a control panel which includes timer and temperature buttons and LED lights.

Vbenlem Commercial Waffle Maker

Made Of Durable Material 

This commercial waffle maker with timer is about 16 inches long, 11 inches wide and 9 inches high when the plate is closed. It’s made of stainless steel which means it’s a durable machine. The handle is long and it doesn’t conduct the warmth, so it’s safe for use.

Two, Four Or Ten Grid Models

The waffles are rectangle-shaped and this model has the most waffle grids it’s possible. You can choose models with fewer grids such as two or four rectangle or round shapes. The plates are made of Teflon. This material protects the waffles from sticking.

Vbenlem Commercial Waffle Maker review

5 Minutes Timer

On the control panel, there’s a timer button and you can turn it to set the timer on the most 5 minutes. This is very practical for you if you’re busy with a lot of work. It reminds you the waffles are cooking. The melody will start singing when the waffles are cooked.

Maximum Of 300 Degrees

There’s also a light indication system. The red light signs the waffle maker is hot and the green light appears when it’s hot enough and can start cooking. The green light also illuminates with a sound indicator. Next to the lights, there’s a temperature regulating button. You can choose the temperature between 50 and 300°C.


  • stainless steel
  • timer with sound
  • light indication system
  • 50-300°C temperature

Best Ceramic Waffle Maker With Timer

Presto 03510 Waffle Maker

Innovative Flip Design

This waffle maker has a round design and flip mode, but the plates stand on the ground. You can flip the plates in the horizontal direction for 180 degrees. This is the best way for the batter to be spread equally across the deep pocket grids.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Round Shaped Waffle

You can make one big Belgian waffle or you can separate it if you want 4 pieces of waffles. The round plate has a diameter of approximately 7 inches, so the small waffles are around 3 inches long. The power of the waffle maker is 1100 Watts and you can plug it in the 120V socket.

Countdown Timer

This waffle maker doesn’t include the temperature regulator but only timer. It has a countdown system, so you will hear sound when the cooking time is over. You can set the timer pressing a little button on the right side. There’s a screen which shows you the time.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker review

Healthy Cooking

The exterior of this waffle maker is made of stainless steel and the plates are of ceramic. Both materials are quality can last for long. The ceramic plates are non-sticking, so you can clean it easily. The ceramic material can handle high temperature and it’s healthy.

Flipping For 90°

The second purpose of the flipping option of this waffle maker with timer is for practical storage. When you don’t use the waffle maker, you can lock the plates and raise them for 90 degrees. The waffle maker can stand in the upright position and you can store it in a small place.


  • ceramic non-sticking plates
  • Belgian waffles
  • countdown timer
  • flipping option
  • stainless steel exterior

Best Hotel Waffle Maker With Timer

Vinmax Professional Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel Construction

This waffle maker is also round shaped. The plates are placed on the housing with a control panel. The waffle maker is constructed of stainless steel material. It’s durable and has pretty much power of 1,25KW, so it’s appropriate for hotels, restaurants, cafe bars, and others.

Vinmax Professional Waffle Maker

Teflon Made Plates

It can cook 4 waffles at the time. The waffle around 7 inches long in diameter. The surface where the waffles are baking is made of Teflon. This means the waffles don’t stick and it’s easy to clean, so you can maintain the sanitary measures at work.

Switch On/Off Button

There’s a practical control panel that you can use for temperature regulation, the timer and to switch the machine on and off. The waffle maker can stay plugged in the 110V socket. There’s also green light whose main purpose is to notify you when the waffle maker is warmed. It turns on when the waffles are done, but you will also hear the alarm.

Vinmax Professional Waffle Maker review

Minutes And Seconds

You can regulate the browning levels by turning the button. There’s a heat range from 30 to 300° C. Firstly you can set the temperature and then set the timer on a maximum of 5 minutes. The timer has minutes and seconds. You can choose, for example, 2 and a half minutes for cooking.

Parts For Stability And Comfort

There a large handle whose shape is adjusted for your hand. You can open and close the plate with the handle easily. It stands on the front side of the plates. On the backside, there’s a cord storage. The waffle maker has stable feet.


  • 1,25 KW power
  • up to 300 °C temperature
  • timer with minutes and seconds

Best Rotating Waffle Maker With Timer

Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker

This Chefman waffle maker cooks round-shape waffles. It includes one large plate which can be separated into 4 pieces. So you can get 4 waffles at once. The plates hang above the drip tray and you can flip them for the most 180 degrees. The waffle plates have a diameter of about 7 inches.

Chefman Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Height Difference

This flip waffle maker with timer is about 13 inches long and about 7 inches high if the plates stand horizontal. You can adjust the height on the way you turn the plates to stand upright. Then the height is about 10 inches, but the waffle maker is in a position convenient for storage. Standing in vertical position, the waffle maker can fit your kitchen closet.

Washable In Dishwasher

You can rotate the plates using a handle which is a heat isolator. There is a locking lid you should use when you rotate the plates. The drip tray is removable, so you can clean it easier and you can use the dishwasher, too. The plates aren’t changeable but are also easy-to-clean because the surface is non-sticking.

Chefman Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker review

Two In One Button

The waffle maker has a timer turn button which is purposed to regulate browning level, too. When you close the plate, you can turn the button on the “lighter” or “darker” side. The cooking time depends on the level you chose. Then you need to watch green light to switch on.


  • removable drip tray
  • a diameter of 7 inches

Best Lolly Waffle Maker Timer

Happybuy Commercial Waffle Maker

Hot Dog Waffles

This is one more quality commercial waffle maker with a timer. You can make 6 pieces of waffles at a time, but the waffles have a different shape. Instead of Belgian or classic waffles, you can get lolly and hot dog waffles. Hot dog waffles might be a good idea for your business.

Happybuy 6 Pcs Lolly Waffles Maker

How To Make Hot Dog Waffle

You can make waffles with hot dogs or sausages. You can use the wooden stick to insert in the hot dog. Then you put the hot dog on the grid and pour the waffle batter. This way you can make popular hot dog waffles. You can remove the waffles from the plate easily using the stick.

Preheating And Cooking Time

This waffle maker needs about 5 minutes to get ready for cooking. The cooking time is 5 minutes, too. You can use a timer to remind you when the waffles are baked. The lolly waffles come with the stick. The grids are adjusted for the stick. They are little openings where you can lay the stick down and cook with the waffles.

Happybuy 6 Pcs Lolly Waffles Maker review

Teflon Doesn’t Stick

The materials of this waffle maker with timer are Teflon and stainless steel. The Teflon coating is inside the waffle machine. It protects hot dog waffles from steaking. You can also clean the Teflon plates quickly which is useful if when you’re busy while working.

Low And High Temperature

The timer is also a useful feature for work. When you have a lot of customers, the sound notifies you the waffles are cooked and you can get them out. You can set the cooking temperature you like, depending on how baked waffles you like to be. The maximum temperature is 300 degrees and the minimum is 50 °C.


  • lolly shape grids
  • hot dog waffles
  • openings for sticks
  • temperature control and timer

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Waffle Maker With Timer?

If you want to buy a commercial waffle maker with timer, I recommend this Vinmx Profesional waffle maker. You can determine it’s switched on or off, which is cooking temperature and the timer helps you when you’re busy at work. This Presto waffle maker is also the best choice because it has flip and ceramic plates, and countdown timer reminds you the cooking is over.

If you need more information and model offer of the commercial waffle maker or rotating waffle maker, you can check these posts. If you want to see all the best models of the waffle maker, you can click on this post about top-rated waffle maker.