Best 5 Thin & Stroop Waffle Cookie Makers & Irons Reviews

If you are pizzelle, stroopwafel or just thin waffle lover and want to have a thin waffle maker, this post may interest you.

In this post, I will present to you the best thin waffle maker models. You will find out which stroopwafel iron or pizzelle cookie maker is worth to buy. But first, you can read a few important things about a thin waffle maker.


Information About Thin Waffle Maker

What Is A Thin Waffle Maker?

This is a waffle maker that produces thin waffles. Its design is like the classic waffle maker, except the grids have specifical pattern press. Their mechanism is the same as other waffle makers, too. The difference is in the time of cooking. While the Belgian waffles need about 5 minutes for cooking, thin waffles cooking time is about 1 minute.

What Are Thin Waffles?

Thin waffles are all the waffles which thickness is less than 1 inch. There are included pizzelle, stroopwafels, waffle cone or classic waffles which are thinner than Belgian waffles. These thin waffles might require a different batter recipe. There is needed less milk in order for the dough to be solid enough to prevent crumbling.

The Quality Of Thin Waffles

The thin waffle maker cooks thin waffles but they don’t fall apart easily if the batter is appropriate for thin waffles, like pizzelle or stroopwafels. If the waffles are baked on the way the recipe requires, there are crispy and unbroken just like they should be.

Where You Can Buy Thin Waffle Maker?

You can check the thin waffle offer on the webshops, such as Walmart, eBay or Amazon. All the thin waffle makers I reviewed in this article are available on Amazon. You can also check the stores’ offer or contact the producer. The webshops are the best way to see the waffle maker, to read its description and to find out what people say how they’re satisfied with the product.

What Is The Price Of Thin Waffle Maker?

On the Amazon, which I’ve mentioned, you can see the price of the waffle makers. Thin waffle makers are on the list of the cheaper waffle makers, except commercial thin waffle makers which need to be the highest quality. The average price of thin waffle maker models is around 60 dollars, but you can often find the discount price.

Best 5 Thin Waffle Maker Models For Sale

Best Thin Pizzelle Cookie Maker

Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Waffle Maker

Double Cooking

This Cuisinart pizzelle cookie press has modern design because it can stand upright, so you can store it at any place in your apartment or house. With this waffle maker, you can make two pizzelle waffles at the same time. The pizzelle have a diameter of 4 inches.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

Five Heat Levels

You can choose how much you like the waffles are browned. For this, you can use the button which shows you the heat levels. You have to turn the button to set the temperature level from 1 to 5. Before using and during cooking, the green light will notify you when the waffle maker is warm enough.

Cooking Equipment Included

To make thin waffles, the spoon which you will get in the package will help you. The quantity of the spoon full of the batter is a measure for one pizzelle waffle. So for the best results, you should pour one spoon batter on each grid. You will also get a roller to spread the batter equally.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press review

Many Years Warranty

If you need ideas for cooking with this thin waffle maker, you can check the recipe book which is also included in the package. You will find the warranty book, too. This Cuisinart product has 3 years warranty. It’s made of stainless steel, so the waffle maker could be useful for many years.

Maintaining Correctly

How many years you will be able to use this pizzelle cookie maker, it depends on how often you use it and how you maintain the waffle maker. You should clean it after every usage. This won’t be hard for you because this pizzelle maker has a non-sticking plate. The best is to clean the surface with a dry cloth.


  • 4 inches pizzelle
  • temperature control button
  • non-sticking surface

Best Commercial Stroopwafel Machine

Generic Dual Dutch Stroopwafels Baker

Double Separated Grids

This is a commercial stroopwafel machine that has double separated plates. This feature enables you to cook faster and more waffles, just like your business needs require. This stroopwafel maker is large, so it’s not so practical for moving often. Its voltage is 110 or 220V.

Generic Dual Dutch Stroopwafels Baker

One Big Stroopwafel Or Few Small

The grids have well-known stroopwafel press all across the surface. So you can choose which size of waffles you want to cook. You can spread the batter all over the grid surface or just on one part of it. You can also cook a big stroopwafel and then take it apart.

What’s In The Package? 

This product has CE Approval, so you can use it as a commercial without worry. It’s made of stainless steel material which gives you insurance for its durability. If you buy this waffle cookie maker, you will get all the needed equipment. In the package with this commercial stroopwafel iron, you can find the batter dispenser, serving tong, and a spatula.

Generic Dual Dutch Stroopwafels Baker review

Two Control Panels

You can operate with the cooking process using two buttons that regulate temperature. You can use them to set how crispy you want the waffles to be. On both sides, there’s also a button for switching the waffle machine on and off. So you don’t have to use both grids if there’s no need for it.


  • two separated plates and control panels
  • big-sized stroopwafel

Best Old-Style Thin Waffle Maker

Palmer Pizzelle Classic Maker

5-inches Pizzelle Press Waffles

Although this thin waffle iron has old fashioned design, it’s made of cast aluminum instead of cast iron. It has an oval-shaped plate with two grids. The grid patterns are different and look like pizzelle press. The diameter of the pizzelle waffles is 5 inches. The waffles are 0,2-0,4 inch thick.

Palmer Pizzelle Classic Maker

Preheating Quickly

The cast aluminum and chrome materials provide this waffle maker the quality. It takes a little while for this thin waffle maker to be warmed. This is the advantage of the aluminum material while iron needs more time for preheating. The power of this pizzelle cookie machine is 800W and 120V.

Pizzelle, Stroopwafels, And Cone

Since this waffle maker cooks very thin and large pizzelle, you can use it as a thin waffle cone maker, too. You can also make stroopwafels if you like it. There are a lot of possibilities you can use it. During cooking, you can use a practical long handle you can hold without the worry of burns.

Palmer Pizzelle Classic Maker review

Without “Ready” Notifications

This waffle maker doesn’t have a light or timer notification system, so you have to check the waffles. You will know the pizzelle waffles are done when you notice stream and when you can open the maker easily. You should turn the waffles using cutlery which doesn’t scratch the surface.


  • about 0,3 inches thick waffles
  • aluminum made
  • makes pizzelle, waffle cone, and stroopwafel

Best Home Thin Waffle Maker

Chef’sChoice 834 Waffle Maker

This thin waffle maker also has two grids, so you can get two pizzelle shaped waffles at once. The diameter of the pizzelle is 4 inches and the thickness is 0,75 inches. Since the waffles are thin, it takes a little while for the waffles to get browned.

Chef's Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Maker

Less Than Minute To Be Ready

There is an indicator light on the top of the waffle maker, but you don’t even need it to remind you when the waffles are ready because two waffles are ready for about 30 seconds. This is the baking time if the waffle maker is preheated enough. After the first two waffles are baked, the waffle maker is always warmed enough.

Instruction And Recipe Books

The plate is non-sticking which means you will be able to turn and remove waffles and you can wipe the plates efficiently. You should read the instruction book to learn how to maintain the waffle maker correctly. There is also a recipe book included, so you can find the ideas there. For example, besides pizzelle, you can also make cannolis.

Chef's Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Maker review

Benefits Of Lock System 

You can open and close the upper plate using the easy-to-use handle. It has a lock system which is useful for cooking and preventing injury of this 900W powered waffle maker. This way the batter is spread all across the grids and you will get crispy thin waffles.

Standing Upright Option

This thin waffle iron has a space-saving design. This means you can store it after usage on the way you make it stand upright. So the pizzelle cookie maker is appropriate for small apartments, too. It won’t take a lot of space in your kitchen or pantry.


  • 30 seconds of baking
  • recipe book included
  • non-sticking material
  • baking indicator

Best Cheap Thin Waffle Maker

Cucina Pro Pizzelle Maker

Unique Design

This Cucina Pro thin waffle maker comes in silver color. There are two grids made of polished stainless steel material. The pizzelle size is about 5 inches. This thin waffle maker has a unique design which is different from other pizzelle makers.

Cucina Pro Pizzelle Maker

Traditional Pizzelle Look

The interior of the thin waffle maker is covered with metal, polished to make a traditional Italian pizzelle pattern. Both the upper and down plate has a snowflake pattern. The pattern on each grid is different. So you will get traditional decoration on both sides of the waffles.

Handle Lock Function

There are LED light which is purposed to be a baking indicator. Next to the light, there is a handle which is practical for holding because it’s long enough. The handle has a lock system and it ensures you form injury. Besides, the handle lock has a function to distribute the batter equally and to optimate the baking temperature.

Cucina Pro Pizzelle Maker review

Easy To Take Out The Waffles

Just like most modern-designed waffle makers, this Cucina Pro thin waffle maker has non-sticking coating. Thanks to it, you will be able to separate the waffles from the surface easily. The waffles will be ready for less than minutes, but take care they aren’t too much browned.


  • snowflake pattern
  • handle lock
  • 5-inch long waffles
  • silver color
  • non-sticking material

Conclusion: Which Is Best Thin Waffle Maker?

My recommendation is this Cucina Pro waffle maker because it cooks traditional pizzelle for a short time and its price is affordable. The second best choice is the Cuisinart waffle maker for thin waffles. Its main advantage is the heat regulator and besides, you can store it simply in a small place.

If you also like thick waffles, you can check this post about Belgian waffle maker or if you like bubble waffles, here is a post about bubble waffle maker. And if you’re interested in all types of waffle makers, you can read this post about best-rated waffle maker.