Top 4 Copper Waffle Maker & Iron Yo Can Pick In 2022 Reviews

Do you want a waffle maker made of quality material?

Are you interested in a copper waffle maker?

If your answer is positive, then keep reading and learn more about copper. In this post, you can also see the best copper waffle iron models, so you can choose the perfect one for you.


Things To Learn About Copper Waffle Maker

What Is Copper Waffle Maker?

The copper waffle maker is the waffle machine whose plates are made of copper. You can recognize the copper plate because of its orange-pink color while the waffle plates are usually black. Copper is a metal with good heat conductivity and it doesn’t rust.

Positive Side Of Copper Plate

The copper is known as the material which gets warmed faster than iron and stainless steel. Because of this characteristic, copper si desirable material for household appliances such as waffle makers. This material is tough but it’s not easy to break. The titanium is often added to copper to make the product stronger.

Negative Side Of Copper

Copper is mentioned as toxic material if you have a lot of copper in your body. The copper plate is harmful if there’s no coating. The waffle maker plates and cooking pan do contain coatings. You can also find red copper plates which means that they are harmless for health because they don’t include PFOA and PTFE chemicals.

Where You Can Find Copper Waffle Maker?

There are fewer copper models on the market than aluminum and Teflon made waffle makers. But you can find them in the same place. The webshops are practical websites because you can shop at home and you see all the features and pictures of the product. You can buy on webshops like Walmart, eBay or Amazon.

Top 4 Copper Waffle Makers On The Market

Best Copper Titanium Waffle Maker

Bella Copper Titanium Belgian Waffle Maker

High-Temperature Resistant

This copper titanium Belgian waffle maker has flipping plates that are round and cooks up to 4 Belgian waffles. Since the plates are made of copper, the waffles are cooking faster and the waffle maker can handle the temperature of the most 850°F. So you don’t have to take care of the waffle maker to not overheat.

Bella Copper Titanium

Protection System And Methods

The plates of this copper titanium waffle maker are flipping, so you can spread the waffle dough better. There’s a locking mechanism that prevents accidents, but it’s possible that the batter will leak during flipping if you overfill the plates. You can prevent a mess in your kitchen and set the drip tray under the plates. The drip tray is removable, so you can clean it after cooking easily.

Healthy Surface

This is a red copper waffle maker, which means the copper titanium plates are PFTE and PFOA free. There’s no worry about the influence on your health. There’s also no worry about waffle sticking. The surface is nonsticking, so you can wipe it without effort. The product is declared like BPA-free, too.

Bella Copper Titanium review

Light, Medium, Dark

You can control the temperature by using the rotating button. It’s placed on the front side of the waffle maker. You can see marks like “light”, “medium” and “dark” that signify how browned the waffles will be. There is a light notification system. You need to watch the green light which notifies you that the waffles are cooked.

Folding During Storage

This Bella waffle maker is easy to storage machine. When you don’t need it for some time, you can store it in your kitchen closet on the way you turn the plates for 90 degrees and you fold the handle. You can also remove a drip tray for more compact storage.


  • without harmless chemical
  • flipping design
  • folding handle
  • removable drip tray

Best Copper Ceramic Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel Outside

This waffle machine has plates made of mixed copper and ceramic. The ceramic is non-sticking material, so it prevents waffle sticking and enables easy cleaning. Since the plates are copper inside, they are stainless steel outside. The plates are 0,87 inches deep.

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Light Or Dark Waffles

The plates are round and deep, ideal for Belgian waffles. The surface is rounded, so it’ designed to prevent the batter from leaking. You can determine how browned the waffles will be. The browning levels are adjustable, so you can cook 4 light waffles and then choose the next 4 waffles to be dark.

Cooking Control Lights

You can adjust the browning level by turning the button on the small control panel. There are also two LEDs. The green indication light tells you when the waffle maker is hot enough to start cooking and when the waffles are cooked. The red light is always present when the waffle maker is under power.

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker review

Handle Suitable For Hand

You can operate with cooking process using a handle. It’s rounded, so it suits your hand. You can hold it comfortably and wipe up the plate. The waffle maker won’t move because there are stable feet under the down plate.

Standing In Vertical Position

This waffle maker is also easy to store, like the previous model. You can also move the plates and the waffle maker will stand upright. In this position, it’s about 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and around 10 inches high. The waffle maker stands firmly in a vertical position.


  • heat level control button
  • round deep griddles

Best Home Copper Waffle Maker

Starfrit Eco Copper Waffle Maker

Almost Belgian Waffles

This waffle maker is round-shaped. It has plates of about 7 inches long in diameter and 0,67 inches deep grids. The plates are copper and ceramic. So the waffles won’t stick because of the coating. The exterior is covered with stainless steel. So the material of this waffle maker is durable and quality.

Starfrit Eco Copper Waffle Maker

Minimum And Maximum Temperature

This waffle maker cooks with a power of 1100 Watts. The heat strength is easily changeable. Just like the waffle makers, I reviewed above, this one also includes a rotating button with marked heat levels. There are the minimum and maximum temperature marks.

Accidents Less Possible

You can clean this copper waffle maker simply using a wet cloth. The material is non-sticking and it’s durable, so you should maintain the machine properly and it can last for a long time. The accidents are less possible because there’s a handle lock and firm feet. The plates stand together during storage, too. It can stand upright for more space.

Starfrit Eco Copper Waffle Maker review

Ready Notification Light

Before you pour the batter, you have to preheat the waffle maker. The red light will illuminate and this is a sign that the machine is plugged in, but the green light means that it’s ready to cook. When you pour the batter, you have to wait for the green light, too. Then you can open the waffle maker.


  • upright storage
  • 1100 wats of power
  • about 7 inches long plate
  • 0,67 inches deep waffles

Best Copper Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

This is one more Hamilton Beatch waffle maker model with copper plates. Unlike the mentioned model, this one is rotating. This possibility helps you to spread the batter in the right way. One more useful feature is that the plates are removable, so you can clean them easier.

Hamilton Beach 26031 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Almost 1 Inch Thick

The copper plates with ceramic coating are washable in the dishwasher. The grids are about 0,79 inches deep, so you can wipe it with a cloth easily, too. The drip tray is also removable, so you can put it in the dishwasher, too. The drip tray is practical because it collects the crumbs and helps you to maintain your kitchen clean.

Baking Strength Modifications 

This copper Belgian waffle maker has a browning control button you can regulate depending on how crispy waffles you want. You will know that the waffles are baked the way you like when you notice green light illuminating. The red light is also there and it signifies that the waffle maker is hot.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker review

Waffle Maker Maintaining

The housing of this copper waffle maker is stainless steel. So it’s one more durable waffle machine. You don’t have to clean the plates outside expect if it has flecks of batter. The plates inside are, however, cleanable necessarily after each usage. If you flip the rotating plates for 90°, the storage will be easier.


  • removable plates
  • copper and ceramic grids
  • dishwasher safe

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Copper Waffle Maker  To Buy?

All mentioned copper waffle makers are quality, so you won’t get wrong if you buy any of these models. If you need the advice, my recommendation is this Bella copper titanium Belgian waffle maker and this Hamilton Beach waffle maker. Both models are rotating which is a useful feature. Bella includes titanium, so it’s less broken and Hamilton Beach is especially worth to buy because of the removable plates.

If you rather like iron material, you can see the best of cast iron waffle maker models here. If you want to see the best Belgian waffle maker models, you can read this post. If you want to know all the information about waffle makers, you can check this post about the best-rated waffle maker.