Top 4 Toastmaster Waffle Maker Irons& Bakers In 2022 Reviews

Are you tired of your waffle makers constantly breaking down? You’ve heard about Toastmaster waffle makers but just not sure if you should give them a chance?

You’ve come to the right place!

This article will review for you the top 3 Toastmaster waffle bakers in the market now. You will be able to compare them and decide which one will be a part of your kitchen for the upcoming years.


Toastmaster Waffle Makers

Toastmaster Appliances Company

Toastmaster is a brand name for a company that produces various home appliances since the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, this brand has been responsible for delivering only the top quality coffeemakers, waffle irons, toasters and blenders to kitchens throughout the world.

Toastmaster Appliances Today

Today Toastmaster is a part of the international group of brands. Despite that, the company remained to its roots as they proudly manufacture all of its products in the United States. Almost 100 years after first appearing on the market, Toastmaster waffle makers can still be passed to younger generations. This proves that they pass the ultimate test of quality and time. Toastmaster waffle bakers are simply a must-have in every kitchen!

Toastmaster Waffle Maker Warranty

All of the Toastmaster waffle makers have a guaranteed warranty of one year. If your waffle maker needs replacement parts or it has to be fixed the company will do so discretely and in a short time period. All you need to do is contact them online or bring your Toastmaster waffle maker to the nearest authorized service agency.

Where To Buy Toastmaster Waffle Makers

Toastmaster waffle makers are available for purchase on a variety of websites and stores. However, buying them from Amazon might be the best option. You can compare different models of Toastmaster waffle makers on the spot. Also, buying from Amazon gives you a chance to choose between used or new Toastmaster appliances. This means that you will surely buy a Toastmaster waffle maker perfect for you and your pocket. Let Toastmaster waffle making begin!

Best 4 Toastmaster Waffle Makers

Toastmaster Cool-Touch Belgian Waffle Baker

The TWB2 model of Toastmaster Belgian waffle maker is definitely an appliance that will both look and serve you good for many years. This Toastmaster waffle iron is a classic and you use it so simply! All you have to do is plug it in and wait for the green light to turn on before you put in your batter. Your perfect waffle is baked in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to spend too much time studying the manual.

Toastmaster Cool-Touch Belgian Waffle Baker

Toastmaster Belgian Waffle Baker

This Toastmaster Belgian waffle baker creates two waffles at the same time, making it perfect for families who need to make a lot of waffles fast. The MasterCoatnon stick surface on this Toastmaster family waffle maker will make removal of the waffles and the clean up so easy. This Toastmaster waffle baker also features a dual light so you know when the plates have reached an optimal baking temperature.

Toastmaster Belgian Waffle Iron Cool-Touch

This vintage Toastmaster waffle maker comes in pink color and the plastic exterior that is on the outside doesn’t heat. This cool-touch feature on the Toastmaster waffle iron means that you won’t burn your hands on a hot waffle maker again! Perfect if you want your kids to help you with making breakfast.

Toastmaster Cool-Touch Belgian Waffle Baker review

Toastmaster Belgian Waffle Maker Characteristics

The dimensions of this old Toastmaster waffle maker are 10.6 x 5.1 x 10.7 inches. The Toastmaster Belgian waffle maker weighs only 4.45 pounds. This Toastmaster waffle maker is also very easy to store, it stands on its end vertically, taking up no space.


  • Makes two separate waffles
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Dimensions are 10.6 x 5.1 x 10.7 inches
  • Weighs 4.45 pounds

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker

The Toastmaster pizzella maker is an international cookie maker. Toastmaster pizzelle maker model 292 allows you to create the most unique cookies ever. You can choose between a variety of designs, including the traditional Italian Star or the distinctive Scandinavian Tree of Life design. A complete recipe booklet is included with each Toastmaster pizzelle maker.

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker

Toastmaster Pizzelle & International Cookie Maker

This model of Toastmaster maker also features a cool-touch exterior. This means that you won’t accidentally burn your hands ever again. The MasterCoatnon stick finish ensures a quick release of your pizzelles or cookies and an even easier cleanup. Toastmaster pizzelle maker bakes 2 separate cookies at the same time.

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker Characteristics

Toastmaster pizzella maker model 292 is manufactured in the USA. This vintage Toastmaster waffle maker features an automatic thermostat which signals you when your waffle irons have been heated to the proper baking temperature. This Toastmaster model also has oversize grids to reduce countertop clean up.

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker review

Pizzelle Maker Storage And Dimensions

The dimensions of this Toastmaster pizzelle maker are 10 x 5 x 12 inches. The 292 model weighs only 5 pounds. The Toastmaster pizzelle maker model 292 comes with its original packaging. it has the ability of standing on its end for convenient storage.


  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Standing on end for easy storage
  • MasterCoatnon stick finish
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Dimensions are 10 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 5 pounds

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker Model 208

Toastmaster Pizzelle Maker Model 208

This Toastmaster pizzelle maker is an older model of the Toastmaster pizzelle waffle maker model 292 which was previously reviewed. This model also features a cool-touch exterior and its oversize grids reduce countertop clean up. Two 4-inch cookies are baked in a minute. The only difference between the two models is their size and weight. The size of the Toastmaster pizzelle maker model 208 is 10.5 x 10.4 x 5.2 inches. It weighs 4.6 pounds.

Toastmaster Flip Over Waffle Maker

The Toastmaster flip over waffle maker is a low-profile waffle iron with a rotating design for perfectly even cooking. This Toastmaster waffle maker rotates 180° and evenly distributes better and bakes, creating a crisp, golden waffle every time.

Toastmaster Flip Over Waffle Maker

Toastmaster Rotating Waffle Maker

Toastmaster rotating waffle maker bakes Belgian waffles which are 7 inches in diameter. The waffles come with 4 easy-to-cut sections. Dual power lights signal when your waffle iron has been heated to proper baking temperature. Bake your waffles for 2 minutes on each side for delicious waffles every time.

Toastmaster Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker Characteristics

Toastmaster rotating Belgian waffle maker comes with nonstick cooking plates that easily wipe clean. You don’t have to stress about not being able to remove the plates, all you need is a damp cloth and you’re all set. The Toastmaster Belgian waffle maker with rotating design comes with a base underneath the griddle so you won’t have to worry about your counter changing color.

Toastmaster Flip Over Waffle Maker review

Dimensions And Exterior Design

This model of Toastmaster flip over waffle maker comes with plastic and stainless exterior. Its dimensions are 7.9 x 4.7 x 14.5 inches and it weighs only 3 pounds. It was not designed to be stored standing up, but its small size ensures that there will always be a room for this Toastmaster waffle maker on your counter.


  • Rotating design for even batter distribution and baking
  • Nonstick cooking plates
  • Bakes a 7-inch Belgian waffle with 4 sections
  • Dual power lights
  • 9 x 4.7 x 14.5 inches, weighs only 3 pounds

Toastmaster Additional Parts

The owners of Toastmaster waffle makers can also order parts for their waffle makers. Full list of parts and their prices can easily be found on the brands’ website. If you are good with your hands, you can easily fix your Toastmaster waffle baker and won’t have to wait for it to come from the service agency. It’s as simple as it can get!

Conclusion – Why Choose AToastmaker Waffle Maker?

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Toastmaster a brand of most durable waffle and pizzelle makers. Toastmaster pizzelle maker will create the most unique pizzelles and cookies every time you use it. It bakes 2 pizzelles or cookies at a time, so you won’t have to worry about not being able about baking them fast enough! If you prefer Belgian waffles, then this Toastmaster flip waffle maker is the right choice for you. This Toastmaster waffle maker bakes perfect golden and crisp Belgian waffles, and the 7’’ diameter only gives you additional space to be creative about your Toastmaster waffle toppings.

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