Best 5 Cast Iron & Stove Top Waffle Makers In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in cast iron waffle maker or stove top waffle maker?

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I will give you all the information about the waffle irons and you can read 5 reviews of the best cast iron waffle maker. The list also includes best stove top waffle maker models, so keep reading to learn more.


Information About Cast Iron Waffle Makers

What Is Waffle Iron?

This is the waffle maker made from the cast iron and which doesn’t use electric power but some of the fire source. This waffle maker has two plates and the handle, so it looks like the pan and you use it like this. You don’t need electric power because it doesn’t have a cable. Instead, you need a stove or fire.

What Is Stovetop Waffle Maker?

The stove top waffle maker is similar to the iron waffle makers, but it can be made of different materials. Instead of iron, the stove top waffle makers are usually made of aluminum. So, this is something like a modern version of the waffle iron. As its name says, you need a stove for cooking with this waffle maker.

What Is Advantage Of These Makers?

The main advantage of the waffle irons is that you save electric power. You don’t need an outlet which may be very useful if you want to prepare the waffles inside, for example on the balcony, in your garden or on a picnic. The taste of waffles will be the same as prepared with an electric waffle maker.

The Price Of The Waffle Iron?

The price of iron cast waffle makers and stove top waffle makers is low than the electric waffle maker price. The price depends on a brand and the product’s features, but the average price is 30-40 dollars. The material, iron or aluminum, doesn’t have a lot of influence on the price.

Best 5 Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews

Best Antique Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Rome Industrie Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron

Vintage Iron Style 

This cast iron waffle maker has round-shaped plates and long handle. It has an old fashioned design as well as usage. Without electric power, you will cook like old Roman at the beginning of the waffle tradition. So it’s great for you if you like vintage or this antique waffle iron would be a nice gift.

Rome Industrie Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron

Practical Wooden Handle

The plates of this handheld waffle iron are made of cast iron. The handle is only wooden, which enables you to hold it during cooking. The wooden handle is practical when you have to turn the iron, so you won’t be injured. The handle is long enough for you to stay away from the fire.

Iron Keeps Warmth

The plate is about 7 inches long and has a place for one big or 4 small waffles. As I’ve said, the grids are iron, so it takes time to heat, but the iron can keep the warmth for a long time. This allows you not to hold the waffle iron above the fire all the time.

Rome Industrie Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron review

Open Fire Or Stove

There are more ways you can use this old fashioned waffle iron. You can make the waffles on the fire as well as on the stove. So it’s practical for camping or when you make a barbeque at home. After usage, you can clean the plate with water and cloth. The plates can separate for efficient cleaning.


  • vintage style
  • iron made
  • wooden handle
  • 4 waffles
  • stove or fire supportive

Best Stovetop Belgian Waffle Maker

Nordicware 15040 cast aluminum stovetop Belgium waffle iron

4 Waffle Plate Size

NordicWare stove top waffle maker has rectangle design with the 7 inches long grids. The plate is made for cooking 4 waffles at once. There is a handle, but not so long like the antique waffle model I reviewed above. To prevent the injury, it’s good to use gloves or potholders.

NordicWare 15040 Belgium Waffle Iron

Heated Quickly 

This Nordic Ware waffle iron is actually made of aluminum. This material can be warmed for a short time, so it’s practical if you’re busy. But the aluminum doesn’t stay warm for the same time as iron. Still, the aluminum is used in modern dishes industry because it’s healthy.

Prevents Sticking

The aluminum surface includes PTFE material which prevents sticking. This is safe for human health, so you don’t have to worry. This non-sticking material also helps you to clean the waffle maker easier. You can clean this waffle maker with water and soap by hand. For comparison, this material is like Teflon.

NordicWare 15040 Belgium Waffle Iron review

Belgian Waffles Cooking

Making waffles on the stovetop looks like making pancakes. So firstly, you have to heat the waffle maker. After pouring the batter and close the upper plate, you should cook for about 30-60 seconds. Then you can turn the waffle maker and 3 minutes more is enough for the waffles to be ready. This Nordic Ware waffle iron maker grids are deep, so ideal for Belgium waffles.


  • up to 5 minutes of cooking
  • non-sticking material
  • easy to clean
  • aluminum made

Best Waffle Iron For Gas Stove

Heepdd Belgium Waffle Maker

Deep Grids For Belgium Waffles

This is the rectangle waffle maker with the handle. Its size with the handle is about 12 inches. The waffles this maker cooks are about 5 inches long and wide. The grid is deep, so you can make Belgium waffles using this waffle maker. With the deep griddle, you can also be sure the waffle batter won’t spill out.

Heepdd Belgium Waffle Maker

Induction Cooker Not Advisable

The best heat source for cooking with this waffle maker is a gas stove. It’s not appropriate for induction cooker, so take it in mind. This waffle plate is made of aluminum, which allows you to make the waffles quickly. Unlike the iron, the aluminum won’t keep the waffles warm for long.

Before The First Cooking

The plate surface of this waffle maker is non-sticking, but it’s important to lead the instructions for this waffle iron. The instructions say you have to dry the surface well after you clean the waffle maker. It’s especially important before the first usage. Besides, you should heat the plate about 3 minutes before pouring the batter.

Heepdd Belgium Waffle Maker review

Heat Insulation Handle

You can turn the waffle maker using the handle. It’s made to be comfortable and practical. So the handle includes heat insulation and it’s long enough for you to be able to hold it properly. The long practical handle is important for waffle iron makers. This way you stay safe from burning.


  • aluminum material
  • practical handle
  • deep mold

Best Camping Waffle Iron

Texsport Outdoor Waffle Iron Maker

Round-Shaped Grids

This Texsport cast iron waffle maker has round-shaped grids that are deep enough to prevent pouring the batter out.  The size of the waffle iron maker is about 17 inches. All parts of this waffle maker are made of iron, except the handle. It’s wooden for you to be able to turn the waffle maker during cooking.

Texsport Outdoor Cast Iron Waffle Maker review

Waffle Iron Maintaining

Thanks to its iron material, this waffle maker is durable. You will be able to use this waffle iron for many years if you maintain it properly. For long durability, you should clean it after every usage. You can take the plates apart for cleaning completely.

Usable Outdoor

You can use this Texsport cast iron waffle maker above the stove or open fire. For example, you can use it when having a picnic and you want to eat some delicacy. The iron will keep the warmth on the open place, so you can use it outside in any season.

Texsport Outdoor Cast Iron Waffle Maker

To-Do Before Using

It’s good to season the waffle iron before cooking. It’s good to use cooking spray or oil. Make sure you’d clean it before your first usage of the Texsport waffle iron.  When you buy this maker, you should also check the ball joint to be stable in order to prevent the damages during cooking.


  • 4 waffle place
  • cast iron made

Best Cast Iron Waffle Pan

Enjoyway Waffle Pan

Just One Plate

This is not the waffle maker like all the models I reviewed in this post. The difference is that this is a pan for waffles. That means it doesn’t have an upper and down plate, just the one plate. So, making waffles with this waffles pan seems to pancakes making. You don’t turn this maker during cooking but you have to turn the waffle.

Enjoyway Waffle Pan

Fire Sources Supportive

This waffle pan has a round shape and makes the 6 small heart-shaped waffles. The size of the whole pan is about 10 inches. You can cook with this pan on all kinds of stoves, but not on the induction cooker. This waffle pan has material that is durable on up to 400°F.

Removable Long Handle

This waffle pan has a long handle which allows you to be safe from the heat. You can holt the handle when the waffle pan is placed on the heat of the most 180°F. The handle of this Norwegian waffle iron cast iron is about 7 inches long. It’s removable, which can be useful for you during the cleaning.

Enjoyway Waffle Pan review

Easy To Turn The Waffle

Although it’s known as the waffle iron pan, it’s made of aluminum. This material is better for the pans than iron because it’s non-sticking. It’s important for the batter not to stick because you have to turn the waffle on the other side to get browned.

No Dishwasher Cleaning

You will clean this cast iron heart waffle maker easily because it’s made of aluminum and non-sticking surface. Have in your mind that this pan isn’t appropriate for dishwashers because the surface may be damaged. The best way for washing is by hand, but not with a sharp sponge.


  • material resistant on the most 400°F
  • non-sticking surface
  • hand washing advisable

Conclusion: Which Cast Iron Waffle Maker Is Worth To Buy?

If you want to buy iron made waffle maker, I recommend this Rome Industries waffle iron. It has a durable material, vintage look, and long practical handle. So it’s good both for outdoor and indoor cooking. If you’d rather like a waffle iron made from aluminum because it’s less sticking and healthy material, I recommend this Nordic Ware waffle iron maker.

If you’re interested not only in the best cast iron waffle maker but also in other waffle makers, you can learn more in this post about top waffle makers. If you want to make tasty Belgium waffles, this post about the best Belgian waffle maker might interest you. Or if you want to see more models which you can turn during cooking, check this post about rotating waffle maker