Best 5 Waffle Bowl & Cup Maker & Iron Picks In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in a waffle bowl maker?

Then you should read this post and find out which are the best waffle bowl maker models on the market and also learn how you can use a waffle cup maker. You can find different waffle cup machines like Belgian waffle bowl maker, mini waffle bowl maker, and others, so choose the category you like.


Things You Should Know About Waffle Bowl Maker

What Is A Waffle Cup Maker?

Waffle bowl or cup maker is a waffle maker that makes waffle bowls. Instead of the straight grids, this waffle maker has a cup-shaped plate, so you can add something in the waffles, such as ice cream, fruits, chocolate, cream and so on. The waffle bowls are smaller than the ice cream cone.

The Difference Between Waffle Bowl And Cone Maker

Both waffle bowl and waffle cone machines make the cup-shaped waffles which you can fulfill with ice cream and other sweets. The difference is that the waffle bowl maker has a cup-shaped plate and when you take out the bowl waffle, it’s ready to eat. The cone maker has a normal plate and after cooking, you have to shape the cup using a roller.

How To Use The Waffle Cup Machine?

The usage is similar to the classic waffle makers. You pour the batter in the half of the bowl and close the waffle maker. The upper plate will spread the batter to make well-shaped bowls.  You have to wait for a while and take the waffles out of the bowl maker.

Where You Can Buy Waffle Bowl Machine?

You can find a waffle bowl maker in the stores and online. If you want to buy online, you can check the offer of the webshops, like Amazon, Walmart, eBay or others. Amazon provides you all the information about the waffle bowl maker, the picture of the product and the price. You can often find the bowl makers discounts there.

Best 5 Waffle Bowl Maker Reviews

Best Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto 03500 Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker

Thick Waffle Bowls

This Presto waffle bowl maker has a small design, so it’s compact and practical for use and store in any size place. The bowl size is 4 inches and the waffles are thick, just like Belgian waffles. You can use usual waffle batter to make waffle bowls.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

About 4 Minutes Cooking

Just like other Presto models, this Presto 03500 is compatible with 120V electricity. You can cook one waffle bowl at the time. It takes about 3-4 minutes for the Belgian waffle bowl to be cooked. That’s because the waffle is thick, it’s not like the ice cream cone. But you can fulfill it with ice cream as well as with fruit and salty food.

Waffle Doesn’t Stick¬†

This Belgian waffle bowl maker has non-sticking material, so the waffles won’t stick for the surface and you can take off the waffle bowls using a fork or knife. If you see it’s not easy to take the waffle bowl out, this means it needs more time for baking.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker review

Light “Done” Signification

You don’t have to check out the waffles in this Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker because there is a light significator. After you pour the batter, you should leave the waffle maker closed and open it when you notice a light. There is one light that switches on before using when the waffle maker is hot enough for cooking. When you pour the batter, this light switches off. Then you close the waffle maker and the light turns on again when the waffle is done.


  • non-sticking material
  • 4-inch diameter
  • a light indicator

Best Mini Waffle Bowl Maker

Dash Deluxe Waffle Bowl Maker

Light And Small

This waffle bowl maker comes in modern green-blue color which suits modern apartment design. It has a weight of 3 lb, so it’s practical for carrying and you need a small place to store it. In the package with the bowl maker, you will get the Dash waffle bowl maker instructions that you should read before using.

Dash Waffle Bowl Maker

Short Baking Time

Unlike the Presto bowl maker that I reviewed above, this Dash mini waffle bowl maker has shorter cooking time because the waffle cups are thinner, not Belgian style. You need to wait about a minute and you can turn out the waffle bowl. The waffle cup maker also takes a while to be preheated. The interior material is Teflon, so you can throw out the waffle easily.

Small Handle Built-In

You will know when this mini waffle bowl maker is ready to cook and when the waffle is ready to eat if you notice the light button lights on. The light notification button is placed on the top of the waffle maker. There is not classic handle but a small built-in holder you can use to open and close the waffle maker.

Dash Waffle Bowl Maker review

Dash Recipe Book

You can use this Dash waffle bowl maker to make sweet meals, so you can put the ice cream, chocolate, and other sweets. You can also fulfill the waffle bowl with meat or ham to make a salty meal. You will get the Dash waffle bowl maker recipes, so you can check there what you can prepare.


  • lightweight
  • recipe book included
  • about a minute for cooking
  • Teflon material

Best Double Waffle Bowl Maker

Brentwood TS-1402BL Waffle Cup Maker

Two Cups At The Time

This Brentwood waffle bowl maker has the same playful blue color as the previous model I reviewed. The difference is that it has two cup grids, so you can make two waffle bowl at the same time. The bowl maker has an oval shape and the bowl grids stand one next to another. This allows you to fulfill the cups easily.

Brentwood TS-1402BL Waffle Cup Maker

Ready For A While

The machine can bake two bowl waffles but the size of the waffles is small. The diameter of a bowl waffle is 3,5 inches. You can also cook just one bowl waffle if you don’t need two waffles. The power of this machine is 1000W and it needs 1-3 minutes for cooking.

The Cooking Process

There is also one light indicator, so you should keep in your eyes on it to know when the waffle maker is warmed enough. Then you can pour the dough and close the upper plate. When you notice the light one more time, you can open the waffle maker and check if the waffle is baked enough to be turned off.

Brentwood TS-1402BL Waffle Cup Maker review

Cool Touch Housing

The usage of this double waffle bowl maker is safe because it stands firmly on the ground surface thanks to its feet which don’t slip. The housing of the waffle maker stays cool during cooking, so you can operate with it without the worry of burns. This is an important feature if the children are around.

A Lot Of Recipes

You can use the waffle bowls for making delicacy, but you can also use it like taco bowls or you can add hash brown in the waffle cups. When you don’t use this Brentwood double waffle maker, you can store it simply. It can stand upright, so you can leave this machine at an angle of your kitchen.


  • double grid
  • 1000W power
  • 3,5-inch waffle diameter

Best Thin Waffle Bowl Maker

Bella Waffle Bowl Maker

About 3 Inches Long

This Bella waffle bowl maker has a double grid, too. It comes in the red color interior. The grids have non-sticking material. The bowl waffle machine makes two cups which are about 2 inches long on the bottom and about 3 inches on the top. The waffles are about 1,5 inches deep.

Bella Waffle Bowl Maker

Easy Cleaning

As I mentioned, the plates are non-sticking which is good because you can turn out the waffles easily and you can also clean the plates easily. The best way for cleaning is wiping with wet cloth firstly, then with a dry cloth. Before cleaning, you should wait until the plates become cold.

Some Recipe Ideas

If you need ideas which delicacy and meal to make with this Bella waffle bowl maker, you can check the Bella waffle bowl maker recipes book which is included in the package. It’s good to read this book because you will know what batter is appropriate for this bowl maker.

Bella Waffle Bowl Maker review

Stable During Using

There are indicator lights to be sure you can open the waffle maker. The handle is built-in and there’s a handle lock system that allows you to manage with the machine safely. The waffle cup maker is stable while cooking thanks to non-slip feet.


  • red color
  • two bowl plates
  • recipe book included

Best Home Waffle Bowl Maker

Nostalgia WFL400 Waffle Bowl Maker

One Cup Grid

This waffle bowl maker comes in violet color, which is also suitable for modern house design. The shape and design of the machine are similar to the Bella waffle bowl maker, but the Nostalgia maker includes one bowl plate. The waffles are thin and have a trellis pattern outside.

Nostalgia WFL400 Waffle Bowl Maker

Cleaning The Grids Simply

The plates are made of cast aluminum, so it takes a while for the grids to be heated. The grids also have a non-sticking coating. This material is helpful while cleaning the grids. You can remove the crumbs and oil by wiping with a damp cloth.

Cord Storage Included

This waffle bowl maker has cord storage and can stand upright. So you don’t have to ensure a lot of space for its storage. The lock handle also helps in storage. Make sure you lock the waffle maker before storing it to prevent grids damage.

Nostalgia WFL400 Waffle Bowl Maker review

A Plenty Of Ideas

When you buy this waffle bowl maker, you will get the instruction and recipe books, too. The books are useful to be sure how to operate with the bowl maker and which batter you can pour in the grid to get the best results. You can also find there the ideas that you can add in the waffle cup.


  • one waffle cup at once
  • easy storage

Conclusion: Which Waffle Bowl Maker Is Worth To Buy?

The best two waffle bowl makers are Presto and Dash. The Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker cooks thick cup waffles which you can make and take out easily. The Dash Deluxe waffle bowl maker also bakes quality waffles and is practical for use because of its small size.

If you like to eat cup-shape waffles with ice cream, check this post about waffle cone maker. If you prefer thick waffles, this post about Belgian waffle maker may interest you. And if you want to learn about all types of waffle makers, read this post about the best waffle maker.