Top 5 Big & (Extra) Large Waffle Makers To Buy In 2022 Reviews

If your current waffle maker doesn’t satisfy your waffle needs, this article about big waffle makers might help you find what you need.

You can read about the characteristics of best waffle makers for large families and compare them on the spot. This will help you decide which large waffle maker is perfect for you. The bigger the waffle, the bigger the happiness!


What To Know About Big Waffle Makers

They Come In More Than One Shape

When choosing an extra large waffle maker, don’t be worried about the lack of waffle shapes available. Best large waffle maker bake Belgian and American style waffles which may be round or square. There are also large waffle cone makers available which will make your ice cream time even more enjoyable!

Temperature Control Dials

Temperature control dials aren’t reserved just for your regular waffle makers, big waffle irons come with this option as well. Not only will you be able to enjoy in bigger waffles than before, you can also customize each waffle to taste of each of your family members.

Baking Time Control

Best large waffle irons all come with some type of baking control. Whether they have LED lights or come with audible signals, these are designed to simplify your life. With baking control, you don’t have to worry about over- or under- baking your large waffles.

Where To Buy Big Waffle Makers

The best place to buy your large waffle iron is Amazon. They offer big waffle irons at the best prices which means that you can find waffle makers from 19$. On Amazon, you can also compare several waffle makers at a time, which additionally helps you with the decision and ensures the best possible purchase for you.

Best 5 Big Waffle Irons – Reviews

Best Large Round Waffle Maker

Large Classic Round Waffle Maker

Cuisinart large round waffle maker is one of the most popular round Belgian waffle makers. It bakes one large traditional-style waffle which can be customized to your taste. This large waffle maker comes with adjustable browning control with five settings and your waffles can vary in shade from light to deep golden brown. This also causes texture changes – they can be either fluffy or more dense and crispy.

Large Classic Round Waffle Maker

Belgian Large Waffle Maker Maintenance

This big waffle iron is designed to minimize your clean up time as much as possible. Cuisinart big waffle maker non-stick plates are the easiest to clean once they’ve completely cooled down. All you have to do is brush the griddles gently to remove any excess crumbs and if there’s any batter left on the baking surface you can use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean it. To prolong the functionality and the duration of this large round waffle maker, don’t use any harsh or abrasive chemicals even when you’re cleaning the housing.

Large Classic Round Waffle Maker review

Big Belgian Waffle Maker Storage

This large waffle iron has the option of wrapping the cord securely around its base. You don’t have to worry about the plug hanging around because it fits perfectly into the special grooves on the side of this big waffle iron. This large round waffle maker can also be stored on its end and save your much-needed countertop space.


  • Bakes 1 large round Belgian waffle
  • Adjustable browning control
  • Non-stick plates
  • Vertical storage for space-saving

Best Large Waffle Maker American Style

American Style Large Waffle Iron

This large waffle iron is designed to bake classic American style waffles that are thinner than your regular Belgian waffles. Easy-to-cut pieces and square texture are common to both of these waffle types. Adjustable browning control ensures different waffle texture options so everyone can get their perfect waffle!

American Style Large Waffle Iron

Big Waffle Maker American Baking

Special non-stick griddles on this big waffle maker ensure that you can truly create any waffles you might crave. You won’t have to worry about your waffles hopelessly sticking to the plates if you use non-traditional waffle batter recipes. Patented true tone technology on this large round waffle maker ensures that you won’t ever over- or under-cook your waffles again!

American Style Large Waffle Iron review

Large Round American Waffle Maker Maintenance

Your large round American waffle maker doesn’t have to be cleaned with anything but a damp cloth, it really is as simple as that. Wait for your griddles to cool, wipe them down and that’s it! A brushed stainless-steel housing on this big waffle iron ensures a timeless design. This large waffle maker comes with a cord wrap and can be stored vertically for space-saving.


  • Bakes 1 large American style waffle
  • Adjustable browning control
  • Non-stick griddles
  • Truetone technology
  • Upright storage

Best Square Large Waffle Iron

Large Waffle Maker Square

This huge waffle maker is one of the best waffle makers for a large family as it creates 4 extra-large waffles in no time. This non-stick extra large waffle maker also comes with adjustable browning control, meaning that each batch of four waffles can be easily customized and everyone can enjoy in their perfect waffles.

Cucina Pro Four Square Waffle Maker

Square Extra Large Waffle Maker Baking

The Cucina extra large waffle maker is equipped with true tone technology which notifies you when your waffles have been cooked to the desired level. You don’t have to worry about over-baking them or get frustrated when the waffles aren’t done yet and you did the mistake of opening the waffle iron. All you have to do is close the lid on this large waffle iron and wait for an audible beep which notifies you that your waffles have been cooked to perfection.

Cucina Pro Four Square Waffle Maker review

Maintenance OF Big Square Waffle Maker

This big Belgian style square waffle maker is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick cooking plates. Its regular maintenance doesn’t require anything else but a damp cloth or a paper towel. It comes in a brushed stainless steel housing and it can be stored vertically to save you valuable countertop space.


  • Bakes 4 XL Square Belgian Waffles
  • Non-stick baking surface
  • True Tone Technology
  • Upright Storage

Best Square Large Belgian Waffle Maker

Large Belgian Waffle Maker

This large waffle maker with 4-piece baking plates is perfect for catering your family’s needs. The electric coils behind the plates of this large Belgian waffle maker heat your waffle maker quickly and evenly for the most delicious waffles. It is fully heated do bake your waffles within 6 minutes, without the fear of a bad first batch.

Large Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Maker For Large Family Square

This big waffle maker has a durable non-stick coating which allows you to use minimal oil while baking. You don’t have to worry about any batter sticking to the griddles. This big waffle iron can create so many meals – from hash browns to omelets and biscuit pizzas.

Large Belgian Waffle Maker review

Belgian Big Waffle Maker Safety

This model of Belgian big waffle maker is made with high-class phenolic plastic. Using this type of plastics in large waffle irons provides you with a great amount of safety and durability points. This large waffle maker has good heat resistance, resistance to solvents and is flame retardant.


  • Bakes 4 large Belgian waffles
  • Non-stick coating
  • High-class phenolic plastic housing

Best Large Waffle Cone Maker

Large Waffle Cone Maker

This large waffle cone maker is a great option for quick and delicious family breakfasts. Not only will it make incredibly delicious waffle cones, but you can also use it to create sundae dishes and cookies. Just let your imagination take the lead!

Large Waffle Cone Maker

Baking Options On Waffle Cone Maker

While a large waffle cone maker doesn’t come with adjustable settings, you don’t have to worry. The temperature setting on this waffle cone maker will create a perfectly golden waffles every time. To help you with creating perfects meals, this model of large waffle cone maker comes with included cone roller and recipe book incorporated in the user manual.

Large Waffle Cone Maker review

Large Waffle Cone Maker Maintenance

This large waffle cone maker comes with a non-stick surface which is very easy to maintain. All you need is a damp cloth and you’re set. Its compact size means it won’t take up much space on your countertop. For added space-saving option you can store this large waffle cone maker vertically.


  • Bakes waffle cones, sundae dishes, and cookies
  • Non-stick surface
  • Waffle cone maker included
  • Comes with the recipe book

Conclusion – Which Big Waffle Maker Is Best For You?

One of the best waffle makers for a large family is this large Belgian waffle maker. This large waffle maker bakes 4 extra-large Belgian waffles in a matter of minutes. It is also covered in phenolic plastics which means that you don’t have to be afraid about burning yourself on this big waffle iron. This large waffle cone maker is perfect for families who enjoy ice cream and cookies the most. The recipe book included with this waffle cone maker ensures that you won’t run out of ideas.

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