Best 5 Bubble Waffle Maker & Iron Machines In 2022 Reviews

Would you like to make bubble waffles at home?

Are you thinking bubble waffles could be attractive in your restaurant?

So, it seems that this post might give you all the information you need and offer the bubble waffle maker you also need. Keep reading to find out which are the best bubble waffle maker models you can find on the market.


Bubble Waffle Maker Information

What Is Bubble Waffle Maker?

This is a waffle maker whose grids are designed to shape bubbles. The waffle maker grid has a shape known as an egg mold which is invented in Hong Kong. To make bubble waffles you need the standard waffle batter. The specificity is just in shape.

Where Can You Cook With Bubble Waffle Machine?

You can use the bubble waffle maker both for home and commercial usage. The shape of the bubble waffles attracts your kids, guests, and customers. Most of the bubble waffles are electric, so you can use this machine wherever you have a socket. If you purchase bubble iron which you can use above a fire source, you can cook bubble waffles outside, too.

How To Make Bubble Ice Cream Cone?

You can use the bubble waffle maker for making ice cream cone, too. This is especially useful for your business. You can make the bubble cone on the way you cook the waffle in the bubble waffle machine and then you use a roller to make a bubble ice cream cone.

Where You Can Find Bubble Waffle Maker?

The large offer of bubble waffle makers is available on different webshops. One of them is Amazon, where you can find all the models I reviewed in this post. On this site, you can see the price, description, photos and you make an order. Some of the bubble waffle makers could be on sale, but the average price of the best bubble waffle makers is 50 dollars.

Best 5 Bubble Waffle Maker Models

Best Commercial Bubble Waffle Maker

ALDKitchen Puffle Waffle Maker

Egg Mold Above The Control Panel

This bubble waffle maker commercial is made of bubble egg-shaped plate with a handle that stands above the housing with the control panel. If you need this machine for business purposes, you can choose a double grid model and you will be able to cook two pieces of bubble waffle instead of one piece. But the price for a double maker is higher.

ALDKitchen Puffle Waffle Maker

Handle Is Heat Insulator

This bubble waffle machine professional is about 13 inches long, 9 inches wide and around 10 inches high. So it needs a place where it can stand for a while because it’s not so portable. The bubble waffle maker is made of stainless steel except for a handle that is wooden. The handle is long and heat isolator, so you can manage it easily.

8 Inches Big Bubble Waffle

The bubble egg waffle is about 8 inches long and 7 inches wide. This is a big size of bubble waffle, so you can roll it to make bubble ice cream cone. This could be successful for your business. You can also make other salty or sweet meals. This big bubble waffle is cooked for approximately 3 minutes.

ALDKitchen Puffle Waffle Maker review

Up To 300 Degrees

The control panel of this commercial bubble waffle machine contains switch on and off button, the temperature and heat regulation buttons. You can set the temperature from 50 to 30┬░C. There’s also a green light button that lights on to show you that the bubble waffle is ready.

Flipping Plates

One of the main good features of this bubble waffle maker commercial is that the plates are movable. That means you can turn the handle to flip the plates for 90 degrees. You can do this to spread the waffle batter all across the plates.


  • one grid or double grid version
  • control panel
  • wooden long handle
  • stainless steel

Best Home Bubble Waffle Maker

Star Blue Bubble WaffleMaker

Portable And Stable

Unlike the previous model, this egg bubble waffle machine is portable, lighter and more appropriate for home-usage. The grid has the same bubble pattern and its surface is non-sticking. The waffle maker has non-slipping feet, so you can use it safely if you lay it down on a straight surface.

Star Blue Bubble WaffleMake

Turning Plates Possibility

You can close this bubble waffle maker and fit it for 180 degrees. This way you can spread the batter equally and you can oversee both sides of the bubble waffle. It’s better to turn the waffle maker and open the plate than turn the waffle with a kitchen tool.

Cold Handle During Cooking

You can open, close and turn the waffle maker using a handle that stays cool no matter how hot the plates are. You shouldn’t open the waffle maker before you see the green indicator light. There are two green lights on both sides of the plates. The red light signs that the machine is under the power and it stands only on the front side.

Star Blue Bubble WaffleMake review

Burn Protection System

This bubble waffle maker doesn’t have temperature regulation, but it has a system which stops cooking if the bubble waffle maker is too much heat. This feature protects your home from burning. You should take care of how long you use the waffle maker, but you can be sure the machine will switch off if you cook too long.

Recipe Ideas Included

The waffle maker is about 10 inches long. It has a power of 640W and runs on 110V. In the package with this waffle bubble machine, you will get the recipe book and standard plug. If you’re not sure how to treat this product, you can check the instruction book also included.


  • 180-degree flip mode
  • overheat preventing system
  • about 10 inches long

Best Bubble Waffle Cone Maker

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

This Cucina bubble waffle maker is also an easily portable waffle maker. It cooks one bubble waffle for about 5 minutes or less. It depends on how much batter you pour in the egg-shaped grids. You can make bubble cones for ice cream, too. You need to cook bubble waffles and after cooking, you need to roll it to make a cone shape.

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

Attractive Bubble Ice Cream Cone

This bubble cone maker has a handle lock system to ensures you from injury and the grids are safe from damages when you store the machine. It’s appropriate for home cooking or for some smaller restaurant or cafe. The ice cream in the bubble waffle cone will be attractive for customers.

Double Times Of 2 Minutes

This bubble waffle machine also includes flipping mode. So the cooking recipe says to bake the bubble waffles for about 2 minutes and then to turn for 180 degrees for about 2 minutes more. Before you open it, you have to flip on the front side where you can see light indicators.

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker review

Cleaning After Cooking

The bubble grids have a non-sticking coating which makes cleaning easier. The waffles don’t stick, so there are no crumbs stuck on the plate after cooking. When you plug the waffle maker out, you can wipe the grid surface with a dry cloth to remove all the oil and crumbs. Then you can wipe once again with a wet cloth.


  • 180┬░rotating plates
  • easy cleaning
  • handle lock

Best Gas Bubble Waffle Maker

Nordic Ware Bubble Waffle Maker

This Nordic Ware bubble waffle maker differs from other bubble waffle makers in this post because it’s not an electric waffle maker. It’s like a pan that you heat on the gas stove, stovetop or another fire source. It’s made of aluminum plates that have the egg bubble shape.

Nordic Ware Bubble Waffle Maker

Phenolic Made Handle

The aluminum is material which can preheat fast, so you can make your bubble waffles quicky. But aluminum gets cold fast, too. So you have to hold this bubble waffle iron above the heat source all the time. The handle is made of phenolic, which is usually used for producing kithen tools. It doesn’t conduct the heat, so you can hold it without gloves.

No Light Indicators

You can pour the waffle batter in the grids and close the plates. The cooking time is about 5 minutes, as usual, but it also depends on the heat strength of your stove. This isn’t an electrical waffle maker, so you won’t see a light notification when the cooking is over. That may be a problem, so you have to take care of cooking time to prevent overcooking.

Nordic Ware Bubble Waffle Maker review

Long-Lasting Guarantee

The plates are made of non-sticking material, so you will be able to clean it easily. If you maintain the waffle maker in the right way, you could use it for many years. This bubble maker has 10 years guarantee, which is one of the long-lasting warranty of a waffle maker.


  • gas stove or stovetop
  • not electrical
  • no light indicators
  • fast preheating
  • 10 years warranty

Best Cheap Bubble Waffle Maker

Masterchef Bubble Waffle Maker

Affordable Price, Same Quality

This Masterchef bubble waffle maker is the most affordable bubble waffle maker between the machines I reviewed in this post. The quality of this product is the same as other bubble makers. It also has bubble non-sticking grids and is portable, so practical for home-usage.

Masterchef Bubble Waffle Maker

Benefits Of Nonstick Surface

This bubble egg waffle maker is light, so you can flip it during cooking to get better results. You can take the bubble waffles out using cutlery. You can do this easily because of the nonstick plates. It also allows you to remove oils and crumbs without force.

The Bubble Waffle Dimensions

This bubble waffle maker works on 110V. It needs about 5 minutes for cooking. The bubble waffles have dimensions of about 4 x 3 inches. This is an average bubble waffle size. The thickness depends on the amount of the dough you pour. Make sure you’ve poured enough batter, so the waffles won’t take apart.

Masterchef Bubble Waffle Maker review

Books In The Package

You can make different types of bubble waffles using this machine. You can check the recipe book to see what you can all cook. You will find the recipe book in the package. There’s also an instruction manual that you should study before you start to use this bubble waffle maker.

Green Light Appears Twice

Two indication light shows you the conditions of the waffle maker. If the bubble maker is preheating, you will see red light. At the moment it’s ready to cook, the green light will appear. It will disappear when you open the waffle maker to pour the batter. The green button lights up again when the waffles are cooked.


  • 180-degree turning plates
  • non-sticking coating
  • green “ready” light

Conclusion: Which 2 BubbleWaffle Makers Are The Best?

If you need a bubble waffle maker, this CucinaPro bubble waffle maker and this Nordic Ware bubble waffle maker might be the best choice for you. The Cucina bubble waffle maker is electric, can flip and makes waffles up to 5 minutes. The NordicWare model is stove supportive and very durable. The 10-years warranty proves that.

If you’re interested in other shaped waffles, you can check this post about heart-shaped waffle maker to see if heart shape is as attractive to you as bubble shape. If you need more than a bubble waffle maker for your business, you can find more models in this commercial waffle maker post. Or if you want to know all about waffle makers, this best waffle maker post is for you.