Top 5 Pink Waffle Maker & Iron On The Market In 2022 Reviews

Do you want to buy a pink waffle maker for your kids?

If you need help with deciding which model to choose, you can read this post. Here you can see the best pink waffle makers for sale. So invite your kids to see together which pink waffle maker you like the most.


Useful Facts To Know About Pink Waffle Maker

Design Of Pink Waffle Maker

The pink waffle maker has a pink colored exterior of the waffle maker. The inside plates are black colored. These waffle makers can have standard shaped or character shaped grids. Most of the pink waffle makers have a popular character design. Usually, that’s a character of Disney cartoons.

What Waffles Does Pink Waffle Maker Cook?

The shape of the waffles made with the pink waffle maker differs. If the design is dedicated to a cartoon character, you can make the waffles with this character press. The pink waffle makers with usual style cook classic American or Belgian waffles.

Why Buy Pink Waffle Maker?

The waffles like this are attractive for kids, especially for girls. So you can buy a pink waffle maker to cook breakfast for your family. The waffles can have a normal size, so they’re appropriate for adults, too. The pink waffle maker might also be suitable as a gift.

Where You Can Find Pink Waffle Maker?

As all waffle makers, you can find the pink waffle maker on webshops. All the models I will review in this article you can buy on Amazon. This is one of the webshops which gives you all the information about a waffle maker, detailed photos and the price. At least, you can read customers’ reviews.

How Much Money Do You Need?

The pink waffle makers are as quality as usual designed waffle makers, so the price stays the same. It depends on the size and other features of the waffle maker. So the price range is from 15 to 100 dollars. The character shaped pink waffle makers usually cost about 60 dollars.

Best 5 Pink Waffle Maker On The Market

Best Pink Mini Waffle Maker

Dash DMS001PK Mini Maker Electric

Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles…

This mini waffle maker has multi-color versions and one of them is pink. The machine is small and light but has a power of 350 Watts. It can cook not only waffles but also eggs, pancakes, sandwiches and so on. The detailed recipe book is included in the package.

Dash DMS001PK Mini Maker Electric

Smaller Than Usual

This pink mini waffle maker has a round shape plate. The diameter of the grid is 4 inches. So the waffle will be smaller than usual and it’s especially appropriate for kids. The whole size of the waffle maker is 6 inches. So the handle is 2 inches long. It’s built-in the pink-colored plates.

Blue Light Indicator

This Dash mini waffle maker pink has one light notification system. The blue light is placed on the top of the upper plate. When you close it, you can see the light. It’s switched on when the temperature of the waffle maker is high enough for cooking. Also, the blue light turns on when the waffle is prepared.

Dash DMS001PK Mini Maker Electric review

Heavy Plate Material

The plate of this pink waffle maker is made of non-sticking material. It’s PFOA free, so you can be sure the material isn’t harmful to your kids and for you. You can remove the dirt of the non-sticking material easily. As a tool for cleaning, wet and dry clothes will be enough.

No Slipping Feet

This mini waffle maker is easy-to-carry because of its small size. It has non-slip feet, so the waffle maker is safe for usage. There’s no worry your kids will overthrow the waffle maker because it stands on the straight surface firmly. So the plates won’t get scratched.


  • round shape
  • various of meals cooking
  • stable and heavy

Best Pink Waffle Bowl Maker

Nostalgia Bowl Waffle Maker

Shallow Bowl Waffle

This pink waffle maker has squire exterior design, but inside, there’s a bowl shape plate. At the time, you can cook one bowl waffle of about 3 inches size. The bowl shape is shallow, so it’s not so like the ice cream cone, but you can fulfill it with ice cream. You can add any sweets you like.

Nostalgia Bowl Waffle Maker

Cast Aluminum Grids

The material of the plates is cast aluminum. That means the waffle maker needs a shorter cooking time. The aluminum is preheating quickly, so you don’t have to wait for long when you plug the pink waffle maker in. But the aluminum doesn’t stay warm for a long.

Vertical Position

This pink waffle maker is safe for usage because you can lock the handle during cooking to ensure safety. The waffle maker stands on stable feet and doesn’t slip. Make sure the surface where you lay the machine down is dry. The waffle machine includes cord storage and it can stand upright for practical storage.

Nostalgia Bowl Waffle Maker review

Getting Out Without Force

The plate of this bowl waffle maker is nonstick, so you can be sure the cleaning is easy. This material ensures you to be able to get the waffles out without force. When the light notifies you the cooking is over, you can open the waffle maker, pin the fork in the bowl waffle and extract it gently.


  • handle lock
  • about 3 inches bowl waffles

Best Cool Pink Waffle Maker

Disney DMG-31 Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker

Exterior Of Pink Waffle Maker

This Disney waffle maker is form Mickey Mouse collection. Since it’s pink, the design is dedicated to Minnie Mouse. There a Minnie draw on the upper plate outside. Under the handle, there’s a indication lihgt, also in Minnie shape.

Disney DMG-31 Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker

Big-Sized Minnie Waffle

Inside the waffle maker, you can see a plate for one bigger waffles with Minnie press. You can cook the well-known Minnie face waffle. The longest side of the waffle is around 7 inches long. So maybe you will need to separate the cooked waffle if you cook it for kids.

Cleaning Plates Easily

You won’t have a problem with sticking. The non-sticking plate provides you comfortable usage. It you find a little pieces of waffle after cooking, you can wipe it easily using a cloth. The crumbs don’t stick. The cleaning is possible when the plates aren’t warm anymore.

Disney DMG-31 Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker review

Light In Shape Of Minnie

As I’ve said, the indication light has a shape of Minnie face. The light button is pink colored, too. You have to keep the eye on the Minnie light and when it switches on, you can take the waffle out. It also message you when the waffle maker get hot after you plug it in.

Recipe For 10 Waffles

The Minnie waffles usually takes about 4 minutes to be cooked. In the package with this pink waffle iron, you will get the recipe book. If you lead the recipe for Minnie waffle maker, you can make about 10 waffles. Of cource you can separate the amount of integrieties if you want to make less waffles.


  • exterior and interior desing of Minnie Mouse
  • about 4 minutes of cooking
  • Minnie indication light
  • 7 inches long waffles

Best Pink Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Disney DP-1 Princess Waffle Maker

Cinderella and Snow White Draw

This waffle maker has pink colored plate outside and one big grid inside. On the surface of exterior plate there’s a draw of Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White and so on. The grid has a heart press with “Princess” stamp.

Disney DP-1 Princess Waffle Maker

About 7 Inches Waffles

The waffle is round shape and it has a diameter of 6,5 inches. The waffle doesn’t stick on the surface because it’s non-sticking. You can season the grid before cooking to make sure the waffles will ge quality as you like. There’s no need for a lot of seasoning. After you cook the firs few waffles, you can stop seasoning.

Simple Maintaining Plate

When you finish cooking, you should wait till the waffle maker gets cool and then wipe the surface with wet cloth. The crumbs won’t stick, so you will be able to clean the waffle maker easily. The cleaning is simple, so your kids can maintain the waffle maker, too.

Disney DP-1 Princess Waffle Maker review

Heart Shaped Light

Just like the Minnie pink waffle maker, this Princess waffle maker also has shaped indication light. It has heart shape. It appears to notify you that the waffle maker is ready to cook. When you pour the batter, the heart light will switch off. Then you close the plate and wait the light turns on to tell you the waffle is done.


  • Princess caracters stamp
  • heart shaped “ready” light
  • non-sticking plate
  • waffle with a diameter of 6,5 inches
  • easy cleaning

Best Stick Waffle Maker

Frozen 2 DFR-4 Waffle Maker

Purple Exterior

This waffle maker also has design inspired with Disney cartoon, but it is not a pink waffle maker. The exterior is purple colored and there’s a ilustration of the caracters from the Frozen 2. The interior of this waffle maker is also adjusted to the Frozen because the grids have snowflake shape.

Frozen 2 DFR-4 Waffle Maker

Four Stick Waffles

You can make 4 snowflake shaped waffles at the same time. The snowflakes are small sized and have stickes. There are a little openings on each grid which is purposed for sticks. You can take the waffles out easily by using sticks. This waffles with stick are practical for eating, especially for kids.

Wooden Sticks Included

The stick for the waffles are included in the box with this pink waffle iron. You will get 50 pieces of sticks made of wood. You have to put the stick in the opening before you pour the batter. When you fulfill the grids with the waffle batter, you can close the plate and stick will be hitchen by the waffle.

Frozen 2 DFR-4 Waffle Maker review

Stable Construction

This waffle maker is designed for kids, not only because of the Frozen design but also because of the stable construction. It has four non slipping fet which make the waffle maker stand firlmy. There’s also a handle lock you can use during cooking and during storage. This way you prevent injury and product damage.


  • snowflake shaped waffles
  • 50 sticks included
  • non-slipping feet

Conclusion: Which Pink Waffle Maker Is The Most Attractive?

If yu want to suprice your kids, this Minnie Mouse waffle maker can be great choice. It makes waffles in shape of Minnie face and all the design is ispired by Minnie. If you want to buy a simple design pink waffle maker, this Dash mini waffle maker is good choice, too. It’s practical to carry and you can make varios meals with this waffle maker.

If you’re interested in more waffle makers with shaped grids, you can check this post about heart shaped waffle maker. If you like bowl shape you can read this post about waffle bowl maker. And in this best waffle iron post, you can find the list of all kinds of waffle makers.