Best 5 Flat Waffle Maker & Iron You Can Find In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in a flat waffle maker?

Then this post might interest you. Here you can find out useful information about flat waffle makers and I will suggest you 5 best flat waffle irons you can purchase. So you can learn something new and choose the perfect flat waffle maker model for you.


Useful Things To Know About Flat Waffle Maker

What Is Flat Waffle Maker?

Since usual waffle makers include deep grids, the flat waffle maker is a machine with no grids. The plates of the flat waffle maker are flat as pancakes or eggs pan. Most of the flat waffle irons are electric, but there are also gas or stovetop flat waffle makers.

What You Can Cook With Flat Waffle Maker?

Since the plates are flat, you can cook not only the waffles but also eggs, pancakes, and panini sandwiches. The waffles you bake with the flat waffle maker are thin, so you can roll them to make ice cream cone. You can also make Norwegian krumkake waffles.

What Are The Benefits Of Flat Waffle Makers?

The main advantage of the flat waffle maker is multifunctionality. If you buy a flat waffle maker, you have both a pan and a waffle maker in one appliance. The cooking with the flat waffle maker is fast, so it’s useful for you if you bustle at work. Some of the flat waffle makers are easily portable, so you can carry it at work, too.

What Shape Are Flat Waffle Makers?

The flat plates are usually round-shaped, but there are also rectangle flat plates. The primary purpose of the round flat plate is to shape the ice cream cone of roller waffles. The round shape is also practical for egg cooking. It’s better to cook the paninis on the squire plate.

Top 5 Flat Waffle Maker Reviews

Best Mini Flat Waffle Maker

Dash DMS001BK Waffle Maker Mini

Small Practical Size

This Dash mini waffle maker comes in various colors that complete the modern look of the kithen. This one is silver and has a small round plate. The size of this waffle maker is about 6 inches and the plates have a diameter of about 4 inches. It’s a practical size because you can carry the machine easily and it doesn’t require a lot of space in your home.

Dash DMS001BK Waffle Maker Mini

Variety Of Meals

The round plate is flat, so you can make waffles, eggs, paninis, cookies, cheese and more. You can check in the recipe book what this waffle maker with the power of 350W can cook. The recipe book is included in the package. You can use your own recipe, but it’s good to check the recipe book to know if the waffle maker supports this type of meal.

Simple To Usage

The cooking with this flat waffle maker is easy. You can switch it on by plugging it in the outlet. Then you have to wait till the light on the external plate appears. This light means that the waffle maker has reached the heat level ready to cook. You can wait for the same light to know that your meal is prepared.

Dash DMS001BK Waffle Maker Mini review

Without Risk On Health

The Dash mini waffle maker has non-sticking plates, but there are PFOA free. It means that there’s no risk for human health. The non-sticking material is easily cleanable. You don’t make an effort in cleaning because you can wipe the plate after usage and the surface will be ready to cook again.


  • size of about 6 inches
  • multiple purposes
  • PFOA free
  • non-sticking coating

Best Flat Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Black And Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker

Big Sized Plates

Unlike the Dash mini waffle maker, this Black&Decker flat waffle maker has a big size and the plates are rectangle-shaped. This machine is about 12 inches long, about 11 inches wide and approximately 5 inches high when the plates are closed.

Black And Decker 3 In 1 Waffle Maker

Up To 8 Servings

You can make plenty of meals with this machine such as waffles, paninis, eggs, bacon and so on. You can cook about 4 waffles or you can lay up to 8 paninis down on the plate. The plate has a squire shape and has dimensions 8×8 inches.

Changeable Plates

You can choose the type of plate you will use depending on the meal you want to prepare. The flat surface is for eggs and bacon and the griddle is for waffle cooking. You can change the plates because they are removable. It’s also practical for cleaning, but the plates are not safe for the dishwasher.

Black And Decker 3 In 1 Waffle Maker review

Oil Runoff Channels 

This waffle maker has an open flat system which means that you can turn the upper plate for 180 degrees if you want to have more place for cooking. It’s practical, for example, for eggs and bacon because you don’t need to cover it during cooking. There are edges made to collect the fat and oil that is on the plate and drain it away.

Three Browning Levels

You can regulate the temperature of this waffle maker. On the bottom part, you can find the heat regulation button and the light indicator. You can set low, medium or high browning levels. The waffle maker has to be warmed up before usage. The light indicator will show you when the machine is heated and when the cooking is over.


  • removable plates
  • not dishwasher supportive plates
  • 180 degrees openable plate
  • runoff channels
  • various of temperatures

Best Flat Ice Cream Cone Waffle Maker

Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker

Cooking Time Of 3 Minutes

This waffle maker has round plates with the ice cream cone pattern press. You can find the roller in the package and use this tool to make the ice cream cone. The waffles are thin, so it’s not needed much time for cooking but about 3 minutes. The cooking time depends on the recipe you use.

Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker

Not To Overfill

The ice cream cone has a size of about 2 inches in the opening. It’s good to know that the upper plate will spread the batter through the plate, so you don’t have to pour a lot of the batter. The surface is non-sticking, so the waffles are quality, and the cleaning is simple.

Little Handle 

You can plug this waffle maker in the 120V socket. The cooking is safe because there’s a locking system that makes the plates connected firmly during cooking. There’s no practical handle, just little one to hold with your finger. So you should be careful when you use it.

Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker review

Optimal Temperature Reached

There are a heat regulator and light indicators on the top of the plate. When you pour the batter, you can set the browning level you like and then watch the red and green light. The red light is switched on all the time and green light turns on when the waffle maker reached optimal temperature. That means that you can pour the batter at this moment as well as to take the waffle out.


  • ice cream roller included
  • locking system
  • not practical handle

Best Commercial Flat Waffle Maker

ALD Kitchen Electric Waffle Maker

Without Any Press

This flat waffle iron is also suitable for making the ice cream cone, but the plates are only flat, without any pattern. The plates are round and stand on the housing with the control panel. The wooden roller is included and you can use it to shape the cones quickly.

ALD Kitchen Electric Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel Construction

The ALD Kitchen waffle maker is appropriate for commercial purposes because of the power and the material. It has a power of 1000W and runs on 110V electricity. The exterior of the waffle maker is constructed from stainless steel, so it’s profitable to buy for business.

Control Panel Options

You can set the temperature of the less 50°C and the most 300 °C. The temperature button is placed on the control panel next to the LEDs, the timer, and the switch on/off button. You can set the time of cooking for the most 5 minutes. The timer is a helpful feature if you use this machine in the industry.

ALD Kitchen Electric Waffle Maker review

Parts For Safe Usage

This flat waffle maker can stand firmly thanks to its non-slip feet. So you can install it in a crowded place without worry about accidents. The long handle protects you from injury. You should only be careful when you take the waffle out because the surface is hot.

Not Water Washing 

The cooking plate is non-sticking, which ensures you easy cleaning. You must not wash the plates with water but only with a dry cloth. The cleaning is needed every day after work. There’s no need to wash the stainless steel exterior a lot.


  • stainless steel
  • timer

Best Vintage Flat Waffle Maker

Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron

This flat iron waffle maker is a little bit different than other reviewed models because it’s not electric. There’s no possibility to plug it in the socket but you can set it on the stove. It has a silver design and looks like an old waffle iron, but it’s made of aluminum.

Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron

Scandinavian Waffles Press

The aluminum is quality material because you can preheat it quickly, so the waffles are fast-cooked. This waffle maker included round plates with the flower pattern. You can make traditional Scandinavian waffles using a wooden roller which is included in the package. You should roll the krumkakes when they’re still warm.

Double Handle

There are two handles on this krumkake waffle maker. You can use the wooden handle to open and close the upper plate when pouring the batter and to turn the plates during cooking. The aluminum handle is placed on the base of the waffle maker which can be separated from the plates.

Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron review

Cooking Process 

The waffles are thin and baked for a couple of minutes. You have to preheat the flat waffle iron on the gas or electric stove and then pour the batter. It’s enough to warm one side for a while, then turn the waffle maker and cook for a while more.

Use It Outside

The waffle maker is practical because there are no cables and no need for electrical power. So you can use it outside while grilling, too. Because of the antique style, this waffle maker also might be a nice gift. In the box, there’s a recipe book and wooden roller.


  • attractive and interesting design
  • gas or stovetop supportive
  • aluminum made

Conclusion: Which Flat Waffle Maker Is Worth To Buy?

If you want to use a flat waffle maker to cook many meals, the best choice would be this Dash mini waffle maker. You can make eggs, cookies, waffles, paninis and more recipes and it doesn’t take a lot of space. If you want to make thin waffles primarily, I recommend this Nordic Ware flat waffle iron. It looks attractive, it doesn’t need electrical power and is practical for flipping.

If you want to check more models that make thin waffles, you can click on this best thin waffle maker post. If you like to cook the ice cream waffle cone, you can find more ice cream cone maker models here. And if you’re interested in all types of waffle makers, you can read this best waffle maker post.