Best 5 Non-Stick Waffle Maker & Iron To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you like to make the waffles which won’t stick?

Then you need a non stick waffle maker.

In this post, you can find out more about the nonstick waffle maker and you can see the list of best non stick waffle maker models. There’s a lot of non-stick waffle maker types, so you can choose which one meets your needs.


About Non Stick Waffle Maker

What Is Nonstick Waffle Maker?

The nonstick waffle maker is a type of waffle maker which includes non-sticking plates. Almost all modern waffle makers which are made of aluminum are nonsticking. The plates made of ceramic are also non-sticking. Only old-style iron made waffle makers don’t have nonsticking plates.

How To Prevent Sticking?

Although the plates have a nonsticking coating, you should season the plates with cooking spray or a little bit of oil. The advantage of the non-sticking grids is that you don’t need a lot of oil, so the waffles aren’t too buttery. You should season before cooking the first few waffles. If you cook more waffles, season it as needed.

Another Advantage Of Nonsticking Coating

Except the waffles don’t stick and don’t have a lot of fat, the non-sticking plates are easy-to-clean. The fat and crumbs are easily removable from the surface, so you don’t have to scratch it firmly. You can use a wet or dry cloth to wipe the non-sticking surface. So you don’t have to waste time cleaning.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy?

You can buy any non stick waffle maker at the stores, but the better option is to buy it in webshops. This way you can buy from your home and you will introduce the product as well as in a store. For example, if you buy on Amazon, you can read customers’ reviews, which are very helpful.

Best 5 Non-Stick Waffle Maker Reviews

Best Ceramic Non-Stick WaffleMaker

Oster Titanium DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

Round Flip Plates

This Oster flip nonstick Belgian waffle maker has rotating round-shaped plates. You can make 4 waffles at the same time or if you don’t separate it, you can eat one big round waffle. There’s a long handle you can use to flip the plates and there’s a small control panel on the top.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker

Without Harmful Material

The non-sticking grids are made of ceramic. This material is durable and makes the cooking process faster. The plates don’t include PTFE and PFOA. So you don’t have to take care of the cooking temperature. The cooking with this waffle maker is safe for your health.

Crispy Or Fluffy Mode

You can operate with the temperature of this non stick waffle iron. This way you can determine if the waffle will be crispy of fluffy. You need to rotate the button to set the temperature you like. When you choose it, you need to watch the light buttons on the same control panel. Red light means the waffle maker is warm and the green light switches on when the waffles are done.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker review

Up To 180 Degrees 

The flip system is purposed to spread the waffle batter equally through the grids. You can rotate this waffle maker for the most 180 degrees. The 90-degree rotating option is practical for easy storage. This way the waffle maker needs less space for storage.

Kitchen Stays Neat

You don’t need to season the ceramic surface at all or you can take a little bit of cooking spray. The waffles won’t stick and after baking, you will be able to wipe the ceramic surface easily. The drip tray which is included in the package maintains your kitchen neatly.


  • ceramic plates
  • PTFE and PFOA free
  • space-saving design
  • spread the batter properly

Best Non Stick Waffle Maker With Removable Plates

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Round Modern Design

This non stick waffle maker also has the flipping mode. Its design is similar to the Oster waffle maker, which means the grids are round and there is a temperature control button and lights indicator. This flip waffle maker is about 16 inches long, 10 inches wide and 9 inches high.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Stainless Steel Outside

You can get 4 small and thick waffles at the same time. You can regulate the batter spreading by rotating the plates with a handle. The exterior of the plates is made of stainless steel, but the handle is heat safe. You can hold it comfortably without the worry about burns.

Changeable Plates

The grids are non-sticking and it’s good for cleaning by hand, but you can clean these grids in the dishwasher, too. That’s because the plates are removable. This means that you can also change the grids if you purchase replacement which fits in this waffle maker. There’s also a removable drip tray that is suitable for dishwasher, too.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker review

Levels 1, 2 Or 3

You can adjust the strength of cooking using the button for heat regulation. There are 3 heat levels you can choose. When the waffle maker is preheating, the best is to set on level 3. When the green light shows that the waffle maker is preheated, you can regulate the temperature you like.


  • stainless steel housing
  • long handle
  • 3 heat levels

Best Double Non Stick Waffle Maker

Waring WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Maximum Of 8 Waffles

This Waring Pro waffle maker sticking also has the rotating plates, but it contains two plates for more waffles. So you can pour the batter on the first plate, then rotate and fulfill the second plate. With one cooking, you will make 8 waffles. You can also use just one plate if you don’t need a lot of waffles momently.

Waring Pro Professional Double Waffle Maker Model WMK600

Commercial Features

The waffles are thick like Belgian waffles. Its thickness is about 1-inch. This non stick waffle maker has a power of 1400 watts and has an audible notification system. These features are especially useful if you use this waffle maker for commercial purposes. You will hear two 3-time beeping signs which notify you about each waffle.

Light Button Changes Color

Not only the beeping will notify you the waffles are ready, but you will also see the green light. The light button is placed outside the plates and it changes color depending on the cooking condition. When the waffle maker is not hot enough for cooking, there’s a red light. When it reaches the needed temperature, the red light changes in green.

Waring Pro Professional Double Waffle Maker Model WMK600 review

Turn On/Off 

You can also press the button to turn the waffle maker out or on. This is one more reason why this waffle maker can be useful in your restaurant or another workplace. The button is placed next to the heat regulating button. You can choose the most 6 levels.


  • 1400W
  • audible “ready” notification
  • double plates
  • flip mode
  • switch on/off button

Best Small Heart Non-Stick Waffle Maker

Dash DMW001HR Mini Maker Machine

Plenty Of Colors

This non stick waffle iron has a small and red color design. It has a heart-shape grid inside and the handle and indication light outside. Beneath the waffle maker, there are feet that make it stable during cooking. This Dash model is available in more various colors.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Cooking Time Of Heart Waffle

The diameter of the round plate is 4 inches, so the heart waffle is about 3 inches long. Including the handle, the waffle maker is 6 inches long. So it has a practical size for your home and you can relocate the waffle maker easily. The cooking time is about 5 minutes.

Blue Light System

There’s an indicator light that doesn’t change color but it has a switch on and off system to tell you when the waffle is ready. The blue light appears firstly when the waffle maker is warm enough for cooking. When you’re pouring the batter, it turns off and when the waffle is cooked, it lights on again.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker review

PFOA Free Plates

The plate of this heart-shaped waffle maker is non-sticking and it doesn’t include PFOA material. So it’s healthy and the surface is simple cleaning. You can use a wet cloth to wipe the grids when the waffle maker gets cold. Make sure you plug it out before cleaning.

Various Recipes Included

This small waffle maker has a power of 350W. It takes about 3 minutes for a thick heart waffle to be baked. In the box with the waffle maker, you will find the recipe book. You can make various types of waffles, but it’s possible to cook just one waffle at the time. So this isn’t so good if you have a big family.


  • small size
  • heart shaped waffle

Best Bubble Non Stick Waffle Maker

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

Waffle Looks Attractive

This CucinaPro waffle maker also has non-sticking plates, but they have a different shape. The waffle maker cooks bubble waffle, which looks attractive. You need more batter for bubbles, but they don’t stick and you can take the bubble waffle out as easily as you take Belgian and classic waffles out.

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

Flipping For 180 Degrees

You can carry this waffle maker easily using a handle which is also purposed for flipping. It’s a good way to spread the batter all over the plates to get quality bubble waffles. The waffle maker is practical for moving it during cooking and for storage after cooking.

Bubble Waffle Ready Quickly

Before you turn the waffle maker for 180  degrees, you can close the plates safely using a handle lock. The cooking time is about 4 minutes. After 2 minutes you can flip the waffle maker and cook 2 minutes more. You can find the recipe book in the box, which you can use to make crispy bubbles.

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker review

Bubble Ice Cream Cone 

You can use this waffle maker to make bubble waffle, but also ice cream cone. When it’s cooked, the bubble waffle is flexible and you can shape it to get bubble cone. You can fulfill it with ice cream, fruits and so on. It looks attractive, so it might be a good idea for your restaurant.

Cooking Spray Usage

The cooking plates are non-sticking, so you can be sure the cooking will be successful. But before you pour the batter, it’s good to take a little bit of cooking spray. It’s advisable not to use a spray with silicone. During cooking, you can stop using a spray if the grids are seasoned enough.


  • attractive grid shape
  • removable for 180 degrees
  • about 4 minutes of cooking

Conclusion: Which Non Stick Waffle Maker You Should Buy?

The best two waffle makers with non-sticking plates are the Waring Pro waffle maker sticking and the Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker. The Waring Pro model has double flip plates and you can make Belgian waffles with a possibility to regulate the temperature. The Hamilton Beach also makes quality waffles and it has removable plates, safe for the dishwasher.

Want to read more? You can click on this post about rotating waffle maker to see more flip models. If you like the possibility to make a lot of waffles at the same time, you can see this double waffle maker post. And if you’re interested in all kinds of the waffle maker, check this best waffle maker post.