Best 2 Presto Waffle Maker Irons You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Are you tired from waffle makers that just don’t do their job as you wanted them to? Are you thinking about buying a Presto waffle maker?

This article can help you out! Here you can find all about current Presto waffle makers on the market and decide which Presto waffle will be the waffle of your dreams. With different waffle maker characteristics reviewed, you can easily compare them to see which waffle maker will suit your needs best!


About National Presto Industries Inc.

National Presto Industries Through Time

This company has passed the ultimate test of time. It was founded in 1905 and now, over a hundred years later it keeps on producing amazing quality housewares and small electric appliances. This was all possible by predicting and fulfilling the needs of their customers. Presto Industries pride themselves on inconsistent product innovation and quality manufacturing.

Presto Waffle Irons

There are several different Presto waffle irons present on the market today. Their most popular waffle makers are the Presto ceramic waffle maker and their Belgian waffle maker with timer. These products help you create the most delicious waffle makers in no time.

Presto International Parts And Manuals

On their official website, Presto International allows you to find replacement parts for your Presto appliance. This allows you to repair your appliance so you can keep enjoying in it, and also it works in favor of reducing the waste in our environment. You don’t have to throw it away, you can simply repair it! They also offer instruction manuals that you can download by simply imputing your model number on their website.

Presto International How-To Videos

To make waffle preparation even easier, Presto International offers a wide selection of How-To videos on their website. There you can find both product info videos, cooking videos or different How-To videos. Not only will you be able to learn how to properly clean your appliance so you prolong its lifetime, but you can also learn how to properly use your Presto Belgian waffle maker to get those perfect fluffy waffles every time!

Where To Buy Presto Waffle Maker

Presto waffle maker is available for purchase on the Presto International website. It must be noted that they only ship to US addresses. This is why I recommend shopping Presto waffle maker through Amazon. Not only do they ship worldwide, but you can also find your Presto waffle maker at amazing prices. You can choose between used and new waffle makers, which means that there is one for each pocket!

Best 2 Presto Waffle Makers

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle maker with its professional-style rotating design bakes extra-thick Belgian waffles in minutes. The Presto Flipside waffle maker 03510 model features a unique 180° flip design which evenly spreads the batter for waffles. This ensures waffles that have a beautiful crispy outside and a fluffy, tender inside.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto 03510 FlipSide Waffle Maker

The stylish rotating design of Presto 03510 bakes perfect Belgian waffles in four minutes. The Presto 03510 model with an extra thick grid makes waffles in diameter of seven inches and divides them into four easy-to-cut sections. The presto Flipside waffle maker 03510 features a stainless steel exterior and nonstick interior for easy waffle removal and even easier cleanup.

Presto FlipSide Waffle Maker

The Presto flipside ceramic waffle maker has a dual function base which assures a convenient rotation for baking. Presto flipside waffle maker also comes with the countdown timer with a digital display. This flip waffle maker with timer will notify you when your waffle has been baked making sure that you will never end up with over-cooked or under-cooked waffles again.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker review

Presto 03510 Belgian Waffle Maker Features

The dimensions of Presto 03510 flipside Belgian waffle maker are 12 x 12 x 3 inches and it weighs 5.75 pounds. This flipside waffle maker requires 1 Lithium-ion battery which is included with the waffle maker. Presto flipside Belgian waffle maker comes with 1 scoop that stirs, separates, lifts, drains and serves.

Flipside Waffle Maker Storage

This Presto Belgian waffle maker is the perfect appliance for every kitchen. Not only is it small in size, but its dual function base additionally helps to save space. When the base is locked, this gives you the ability to store your Presto 03510 ceramic flipside Belgian waffle maker in a vertical position. You won’t ever have to worry about finding enough storage space!


  • Dimensions are 12 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Weighs only 5.75 pounds
  • Perfect Presto waffle ready in 4 minutes
  • Countdown timer with digital display
  • Dual function base – convenient baking and storage
  • Comes with a multipurpose scoop

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

The Presto waffle bowl maker makes the best Belgian waffle bowls that you’ve seen. This Belgian waffle bowl maker makes a 4-inch thick waffle that comes out perfectly thick, fluffy and tender every time. You will now be able to create the most amazing ‘eat the bowl’ breakfasts and snacks.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto Waffle Bowl Maker Recipes

The possibilities with Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker are endless. You can make classic sweet waffles by filling your Presto waffle with your favorite toppers – butter, syrup, fresh fruit or yogurt. You can even create amazing savory recipes with this Presto waffle bowl maker. Fill them with scrambled eggs, ham, sausage or take your meal to the next level with chicken waffle tacos. For making this Presto Belgian waffle you can use either store-bought waffle mixes or homemade. Recipes for traditional waffles and more come included with this Presto waffle iron.

Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker Baking

The Presto 03500 Belgian bowl waffle maker is very easy to use. You simply pour in your waffle batter, close the cover and let it bake. The Presto 03500 model features a nonstick grid for easy waffle bowl removal and fast clean up. Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker also features a signal light which indicates when waffle bowl maker is heated and ready to use.

Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker review

Presto Waffle Bowl Maker Characteristics

Presto waffle bowl maker’s dimensions are 9.3 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches. This Presto waffle maker weighs only 3.07 pounds. Presto waffle bowl is done in 3 minutes, but if you like your waffles more crunchy you can bake them a bit longer until they reach the color and texture of your preference. Presto 03500 Belgian bowl waffle maker is so compact that you will never have to worry about its storage – it barely takes up any space!


  • Bakes 4-inch thick waffles in 3 minutes
  • Non stick grid for easy Presto waffle bowl removal and clean up
  • Makes a variety of sweet and savory meals
  • Weighs only 3.07 pounds
  • Dimensions are 9.3 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches

Conclusion – Which Of These Presto Waffle Irons Is The Best For You

The Presto 03510 flipside Belgian waffle maker with the ceramic nonstick finish is perfect for you if you enjoy thick fluffy Belgian waffles. This Presto flip waffle maker features a professional rotating design that evenly distributes the batter each time you make your Presto waffle. If experimenting with classic dishes is more of your thing, Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker is the choice for you! Presto waffle bowl maker will help you to create the most exciting new sweet and savory recipes.

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