Best 5 Red Waffle Maker & Iron For The Money In 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for a modern style waffle maker which will suit your home?

Is a red waffle maker a good idea?

If you still don’t know, read this post and you be able to make your decision easier. Here are 5 reviews of the best red waffle maker and before that, there’s some information about red makers.


What To KnowAbout Red Waffle Maker?

What Red Waffle Maker Means?

A red waffle maker is a waffle machine which is red-colored outside. The plates come in neutral black color and their patterns can vary. The red waffle maker has the same mechanism as other waffle makers. The waffles are the same too. The specificity is in the exterior.

What Purpose Red Waffle Maker Has?

The red waffle maker is a modern-designed waffle maker, so you can buy it if you need a waffle maker that will fit in your home. The red waffle maker can be a nice gift for a birthday, wedding and other occasions. Red is a trendy color, so it’s suitable for most modern kitchens.

Where To Buy Red Waffle Maker?

You can find quite many red-colored waffle makers on the market. Most of them you can buy on webshops, like for example Amazon, eBay, Walmart and so on. The best models reviewed in this post are available on Amazon. Before buying, you have to register for free.

What Is The Price Of Red Waffle Machine?

There’s no one price of the red waffle makers. It differs depending on the brand, specification, and size. The price range is from 15 to 80 dollars. On webshops like Amazon, you can often find a discount price for some models, so you can wait for sale clearance.

Top 5 Red Waffle Makers On The Market

Best Ceramic Red Waffle Maker

Oster Titanium Infused Waffle Maker

Red And White Plates

This Oster flip waffle maker has red colored housing, the plates are red-colored outside and white inside and the handle is black colored. It has a modern design and modern materials. The white plates are made of ceramic and are deep, so you can make round Belgian waffles. You can get 4 waffles at the same time.

Oster Titanium Infused Waffle Maker

90-180 Degrees Rotation

This red Belgian waffle maker has a flipping mode, which means you can turn the plates for 180 degrees the most to spread the batter equally through the grids. When you want to store the waffle maker, the position with 90 degrees turned plates gives you more space in the kitchen.

Benefits Of Ceramic

The ceramic material is durable and healthy for cooking. Moreover, the plates of this waffle maker don’t contain PTFE and PFOA coating. It allows you to cook the waffles without care of your health. The ceramic plates make the cooking process faster, too.

Oster Titanium Infused Waffle Maker review

Less Fat Needed

The ceramic needs less cooking spray or oil. So the waffles will have less fat and be healthier. Although you don’t have to season the grids, the waffles don’t stick. The ceramic surface is safe from sticking. It’s also useful for cleaning. You need to wipe the plates gently after cooking.

Small Control Panel

There’s a small control panel on the top of the upper plate. You can use it to regulate the temperature and to see when the cooking is over. You will know the waffles are baked when you see the red light. When the waffle maker is not hot enough for cooking, the red light is illuminating.


  • ceramic plates
  • without harmful material
  • Belgian waffles

Best Mini Red Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Red Maker

Suit Small Place

This small waffle maker has a red-colored upper plate and the small handle which is built-in. The small size makes this waffle maker practical for carrying and you can place it at any angle in your house. It cooks the round waffles with a diameter of 4 inches. It’s possible to cook one mini waffle at the time.

Dash Mini Red Maker

A Lot Of Cooking Ideas

You can use this Dash red mini waffle maker to make a lot of meals. You can find recipes in the package with the waffle maker. The small grids are deep, so the waffles are thick. It takes an average cooking time for the waffles to be ready. So you will have to wait up to 5 minutes for a waffle.

Non-Sticking Grids

The plates of this small red Belgian waffle maker also don’t include PFOA material. The grids are non-sticking, so you can throw the waffles out easily using a cooking tool. The best option is to use a wooden cooking tool to take the waffle because it doesn’t damage the grids.

Dash Mini Red Maker review

Cleaning After Every Usage

You won’t have to clean this waffle maker a lot because the non-sticking plate material is easy-wiping. The crumbs which remain on the surface you can shake out easily because the waffle maker is small, it weighs about 1 lb. To maintain the waffle maker in the right way, you should wipe the surface after every usage.

Waiting For Blue Light

This waffle maker has a simple notification system. There’s one blue light on the top of the red plate. You can turn the waffle maker on by plugging it in the socket. Then you have to wait till the red light appears. You can pour the batter and close the upper plate. Then you have to wait for the blue light again. That’s the sign the waffle is ready.


  • about 1 lb of weight
  • blue indicator light
  • PFOA free
  • non-sticking coating

Best Heart Shaped Red Waffle Maker

Holstein Housewares HF-09031R Waffle Maker

Little Openings On The Grids

This red waffle maker bakes 4 pieces of the waffles at the same time. The practical side of this machine is that it supports cooking the waffles with sticks. There are four openings that are suitable for sticks. So you can cook the waffles with inserted sticks. It’s practical for holding the waffles.

Holstein Housewares HF-09031R Waffle Maker

Waffles Ideal For Kids

The waffles are heart-shaped. Their size is approximately 3 inches. It’s small in size, but you get 4 pieces. So you can use it to make breakfast for the whole family. It’s especially appropriate for kids because of the size of waffles and because of the stick.

Thin Wooden Sticks 

The sticks aren’t included in the package, so you have to purchase them separately. The best stick to chose are wooden sticks because they’re healthy and for one use. It would be optimal for the popsicle sticks to be about 1/4 inches wide because the openings are thin.

Holstein Housewares HF-09031R Waffle Maker review

Carefully With The Stick

You have to put the stick in the opening before you pour the batter. Then you shut the plate down and the stick will be built in the waffle. You should be careful with the stick when you turn the waffle. It might separate from the waffle. The green light will notify you when the waffles are cooked.

Vertical Position 

This red waffle maker is designed to be safe for usage and to be practical for storage. To prevent injury caused by falls, there’s a handle lock you should use during cooking. It’s also purposed to ensure the optimal temperature during cooking. The waffle maker can stand upright which enables you to store it in a thin place.


  • four heart-shaped stick waffles
  • sticks not included

Best Heart Shaped Red Waffle Maker

Kalorik Kitchen Things Red Waffle Maker

Big Heart Waffles

The grids of this red waffle maker are also heart-shaped but there are no sticks and you get more heart waffles. On the round plates, there are 5 connected heart-shaped frames. The waffles are about 7 inches long, which is a bigger size than the heart waffle size of the Holstein waffle maker.

Kalorik Kitchen Things Red Waffle Maker

Maximum Temperature Of 430°F

The exterior of this Kalorik heart-shaped waffle maker is half red and half silver. On the red part, there are a heat regulation button and light buttons for “hot” and “ready” notification. There are no marks of the heat levels, but “max” and “min” marks. The minimum temperature is 350 and the maximum is 430°F. The waffle maker has a red and green light.

Waffles Don’t Crumble

The plates are made of a non-sticking coating. It ensures you the waffles you make won’t take apart while taking them out. It also means that you can turn the connected heart waffles easily using a cooking tool. The cleaning of the non-sticking plate is also much easier than other plates without this coating.

Kalorik Kitchen Things Red Waffle Maker review

Ensures Space For Other Appliances

Just like the previous red waffle maker model, this one also offers a possibility of a stand-upright position. The vertical position like this enables you to store the waffle maker in a small place. It’s very practical for small apartments where you don’t have a lot of space for all the appliances.


  • 5 pieces of heart-shaped waffles
  • 7 inches long grids
  • 350-430°F temperature range
  • vertical position
  • non-sticking plate

Best Cool Red Waffle Maker

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Mickey Illustration And Light

This waffle maker has a red exterior with an illustration of popular Disney characters. Mickey is standing on the front side of the waffle maker. The light indicator has a shape of Mickey’s face, too. The light is illuminating red, which is suitable for Mickey Mouse design.

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Mickey Is 6 Inches Long

The plates are also shaped to create Mickey’s face with all the details like smile, eyes, ears, and others. With one cooking, you can get one 6 inches long Micke Mouse waffle. The power of the waffle maker is 800W. The waffle maker needs about 4 minutes to cook the waffle.

Recipe In The Package

Mickey light switches on when it’s time to get the waffle out. It also notifies you when you can pour the batter. the recipe for the batter you can find in the package. There’s a recipe book with waffle ideas, but you can use another recipe, too. You can also use a pancake batter.

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker review

Simple Cleaning

The grids are easy to clean thanks to the non-sticking coating. You need to wipe the surface with a wet cloth and get dry. You have to clean when the grids are cold. The cleaning is simple, so you can leave the cleaning for your kids, too. The cooking is safe thanks to the adjusted handle.


  • Mickey illustration outside
  • Mickey-shaped waffle
  • recipe book included

Conclusion: Which 2 Red Waffle Makers To Choose?

If you like to have a red waffle maker, I recommend to choose this Oster flip waffle maker. It has high quality plates made of ceramic and has flip mode which enable you to spread the batter optimally. If you need smaller version of the red waffle maker, you can choose this Dash red mini waffle maker. You can relocate it asily and get quality waffle.

To see more rotating models, you can check this post about best flip waffle maker. If you want to find other mini waffle maker models, here is a post about small waffle maker. If you’d like to see all the best-rated waffle maker, you can click on this post.